Chatting with the cast of Supernatural at SDCC!

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Today we had the amazing opportunity to chat once again with the amazing producers and cast of my favorite television show Supernatural. It’s one of the longest running TV shows of all time and I’m so thrilled to share with you all the fun things we learned about the upcoming season today. Check out our interview below.

Andrew Daab
When asked which dark horrors are in store for the boys this coming season, Andrew Daab responds:
None. We’ve decided to go full sitcom this year. Its basically All in the Family with Bobby and the guys. No. We’re set up in a way that is- I think that gives us a lot of energy at the beginning of the season because you know Dean has been, I would argue, the most stable character throughout the past few seasons, at the very least. Him being gone, him being changed creates a lot of problems for everybody. Problems not only in terms of what do we do without Dean, but problems in terms of suddenly you don’t realize how much you rely on someone until theyre gone. And now Dean is gone. And I think all of our characters are going to what does that mean for them. And Dean himself is kind of in a position hes never been in before. Hes trapped. Hes being drug along, kind of witnessing things and being. Even if he is not doing these things even if he is not the person reaching out and killing people its still his hands. He still feels whats going on. And so that changes him as well.

When asked how long before the Dean/Michael story comes to a conclusion, Daab responds:
I don’t know that it gets resolved-fully resolved for a long time. I think the thing about Dean as Michael, the question we are asking is with Dean as Michael what did he do? That may lead us into some flashbacks something like that where Dean will play Michael for certainly more episodes than probably any more than any of our episodes have played another character.

Following up on this, we inquired if there would be moments when we would see Dean come into conflict with Michael and how:
Dean’s fighting for that, he spends a lot of time fighting for that, fighting against Michael is a hard thing. And I’m not sure that’s a fight he wins.

When asked if he could tease any returning characters or monsters:
Sure. I mean I think we are living in a world where Bobby’s come back for us, Mary’s come back for us, Charlie’s come back for us. Although, again, Bobby and Charlie aren’t the same. They look the same, theyre the same actors. They have some of the same history. They’ve gone through very different experiences. And I think after last season where you got kind of the hood pulled off and “oh my god its Charlie, that’s great,” but you don’t get to know her as a character. This season you get to know her as a character. Her story is very different than the Charlie we are used to. Jodi Mills will be back for us. Some of the Wayward cast will be back for us. Rowena will be back for us. And as the season kind of progresses its kind of like who’s available who can come back and do things. But again in a shortened season there’s probably less opportunity for cameos than previous seasons.

As follow up it was inquired as to what episodes they would start to arrive in:
We’ll see Jodi in episode 3. And I think we’ll start seeing Rowena a little later in our story, around episode 7. And everyone else will be kind of sprinkled in as we go forward. Obviously Mary and Bobby and this core group of hunters, theyre there for multiple episodes in the beginning.

Next we asked if there would be any episodes dedicated to a core group like the wayward sisters or the alternate universe hunters:
I don’t think we have anything that takes the focus from our guys quite that much. I mean that was done for a very specific reason. But at the same time we really feel that we have a great cast right now so putting the weight on people and going off and being away from Sam and Dean and we’re telling a story about Cas, we’re telling a story about Jack, or Bobby or Mary or something like that is very viable for us and is a good thing for us to be able to spread things out in that way. SO telling entire episodes from some one else’s point of view I think is something we would unlikely be able to do.

When asked if we would be seeing less of heaven and hell:
I think, certainly at the beginning of the season, they will very much be on the back burner. Find Dean is the operating principle. The demons are kind of doing demony things. There will be a presence but probably not the focal presence they’ve been in previous seasons. Heaven as we saw at the end of last season kind of boarded up shop. They don’t have the resources to be involved even if they wanted to be. That doesn’t mean we wont see them as the season goes on. But I think early on at least that’s not something really at the forefront.

With Dean being the key mission, it was asked if we would see Sam and Castiel working together or if they would be split off doing other things:
I think they will be working together. I think they also will be following up different avenues at different times but all toward the same goal. The apocalypse world hunters are involved. Their skillset is quite limited. Theyre not going to work at like Abercrombie and Fitch. They have a certain set of skills that apply to the hunter lifestyle. And so they will kind of continue that. Maggie is a character we met at the end of last season and we will get to know her a little bit more and other people as well. But no they’ve been militarized. The joke is theyre flannel PD and Sam’s in charge at the beginning of the season.

Brad Buckner
When asked if Michael would be the main villain for the show or if another big bad could be expected:
There are going to be other villains going on. The Michael thing unwraps a whole can of worms because he had over the years built a whole infrastructure on alternate world to undo it to the degree it had been undone now he’s here and as you’ve seen from the tease they showed. He’s basically right now just trying to get the lay of the land. But ultimately he has to show a strategy, he has to build an army of supporters. He has to figure out what he wants. He has an idea what he wants from this world and it’s not pretty so all of that brings about additional players because people start vying for power vying for domination which introduces new players.

When asked how time has passed between the Season finale from season 13 and the start of season 14, Bucknor responds:
About 3 weeks. That’s never happened before. We’ve never more or less picked up where we left off. Well I guess we did last season. But yeah it’s about 3 weeks.

As follow up it was asked how much Michael had accomplished within the 3 weeks:
He’s still just getting the lay of the land. I think he’s really feeling his way along because he wants to get it right this time. He has to admit there was sort of a mess he left behind up in the other world so he’s going to go about things slightly different this time. But that plan is rolled out pretty fast, at least the goals are.

When asked if there would be a shift in the dynamic of the characters:
Jack is in such a weird predicament. Before the relationship was Jack, Dean and Sam were sort of mentoring him and channeling his powers because he was this incredibly powerful force that was just like a bull in china shop. Now he has nothing. Nothing. It was all taken away from him. And when you consider this is a human whose literally been on the planet a year and a half, or something whatever it works out to be, and has never experienced life as a normal human being. He has no reference point. He came in and hit the ground running vanquishing things and smiting stuff figuring how to channel that. Just being a guy. Hes a young guy. What does that mean? What is he going to do? And who does his mentors turn out to be. Sam has his hands full just trying to track down Dean at the moment and that’s really his focus. Which is kind of sweet because Kelly left Cas sort of in charge of Jack and Cas steps in fills that mentor role.

The question of comedy between Cas and Jack interaction was brought up.

Jack is so naïve, so completely honest and so is Cas. Cas calls it like he sees it. Hes not a politico at all and so the two of them are an interesting combination.

Next, he was asked if any of the Apocalypse Hunters who were not previously featured in the previous season would have a greater role in this coming season.

Some of the ones that were just kind of introduced a little bit. Like Maggie, they’re gonna figure. Its gonna be an interesting thing because the bunker which was once just this completely isolated thing with just Sam and Dean rattling around in it is becoming something of a more populated world which is something that shifts tonally the whole feeling of being down there. It’s really turned into the world’s most interesting odd underground hotel. Seemingly everybody staying down there and there’s going to be a force of hunters because their main goal has been taken away from them. They all wanted to get back through the rift to fight Michael but Michael’s here. So now they’re here and what do they do with themselves. How do they fit into this universe. And its gonna become interesting and it casts Sam into a new role of kind of marshalling these people and pointing them in the right direction. They don’t know really know how to pick up where these guys left off. I think all that’s going to be interesting.

The question of Sam grieving over the loss of Dean to Michael came up:
He’s devastated. There is so much on his plate in terms of trying to keep everything together here and yet he has this tremendous sense of loss because he doesn’t really know if hes gonna get his brother back or not. It seems all the mechanisms for extracting Michael from Dean or getting him to leave aren’t available to them so hes gotta figure all that out. First of all hes just got to physically figure out where he is.

The question of hope came up in the conversation and this is how Brad responded:
I think we’ve seen that play out over and over again through the show. Against insurmountable odds, even if one of the brother is at the end of his rope, the other one pulls them back up. Sam doesn’t have that luxury now. He doesn’t have Dean. He does have Jack. He does have Cas. Mary’s there. Bobby’s there. So the force of that team now becomes a family more than it ever was. I think all of that has to build that hope.

Robert Singer:
Was asked what the process was to get Christian Keyes as Michael:
Christian came in and read. He was one of those casting choices you just kinda went, yeah that guy. The part wasn’t written for any specific ethnic or racial group. The best actor got the job and Christian knocked it out of the park.

When asked about the dynamic of the cast being changed due to Sam, Jack and Cas hunting Dean:
Sam has kind of inherited all of these refugees from the alternate universe and its not like they can go out and get a job at an ad agency right away. And they’re experienced fighters. So Sam is sort’ve leading a band of hunters. He takes this responsibility kind of seriously. It’s kind of a new role for him with Dean always sort’ve being the alpha male. And it kind of wears on Sam a little bit he kind of feels an enormous responsibility for these people, hes trying to train them. So that combined with him looking for Dean, hes pretty much at his wits end in a way and hes trying to balance a lot because obviously first and foremost hes tryng to get his brother back and if and when he gets him back whats that gonna look like.

The question of how the season will play out came up and Mr, Singer replied:
Well we generally in the first couple of episodes kind of kick off our myth. And then ease into more of the standalones. Standalones for Sam without Dean are going to be a little more difficult to do but we have a Jack story we have to deal with, his relationship with Cas. And one thing I think we do pretty successfully is marry the standalones with an overlay of whats going on in the myth and that will be the same. If and when Dean comes back as Dean, that’s gonna cause other problems. I think what weve done is successfully manage to combine both and what we said at the panel today is we stay on as long as we have is we roll out these stories a little more slowly. We’re not always rushing to big plot point to big plot point. And that’s because we have a great cast and we’re more interested in their personal stories and we can tell more emotional stories that don’t necessarily push the plot along but are illuminating about the characters.

When asked how having a shortened season will affect their ability to tell stories, Robert replied:
Well yeah we are three episodes less which is a godsend. But that’s a full season and we’ll probably have the same amount of myth episodes that weve had in our 23 episode seasons and a little less of the standalones so we can get that story all the way out. But I think everyones looking forward to a little shorter season. You know Andrew and myself, we don’t get a break. By the time we’re through dubbing the last show for one season, the writers are in the room for the next season.

We then asked the question of whether there will be any standout episodes like Baby or Scoobynatural:
We have the 300th coming up and that’s gonna be a little different without getting into the specifics. Its not like the 200th which was really special with the musical. This is going to be a little more of a love letter. It’ll be different than your normal episode. But so far is there anything like Scooby or anything, we’re just sort’ve getting started. And all of those episodes by the way, The French Mistake and all that, they got pitched in the middle of the season. A writer comes in and says how about this. Changing Channels was you know a writers pitch.

You can see the full video of ALL the interviews we did with the cast and showrunners below or on Youtube!