Chatting With The Cast of The Movie Snatched!

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My favorite contributor and friend Salby from Lulu Bloo is back again to cover another amazing event for me. This time she’s getting the chance to interview the amazing cast and filmmakers of the movie Snatched, featuring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. Here is Salby and all she learned about the film from the cast and film makers.

Hey everyone! Salby here from Lulu Bloo and I’ve got some exciting news to help plan your upcoming Mother’s Day! I recently had the opportunity to preview a hilariously fun new movie called Snatched featuring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. It’s set to premier this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend. On the outside Snatched is comedic gold about a mother and daughter who land into a heap of trouble while on vacation. It’s up to them to work together through the ups and downs to make it back home safe. But on the inside, Snatched is about the evolution of a relationship between a mother and her daughter. As a daughter grows up and builds a life for herself, it can sometimes be a struggle for a mom to let go. And we see this happening with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. I had the opportunity to interview Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and the rest of the cast. During the interviews, we covered some key topics about the movie and how the cast and crew prepped for their roles. One of the most important aspects discussed was the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Goldie, did you pull upon your experience raising your four kids? And then how did you guys sort of form this bond that really made it so relatable?


Well, there’s certain things that mothers do automatically, you know? You’ve got eyes in the back of your head, and you don’t want your kids to fall in potholes. And so, what happens is that, when they’re little, I think that’s who you should be as a mother, right? But, unfortunately, there’s no transition that’s made. As they get older, they’re going to have to fall in their own potholes. And that’s when you have to learn to let go.

We get a look into the ever-evolving relationship between Linda (Goldie) & Emily (Amy). We see the tumultuous and somewhat broken relationship heal. And we also see how Linda learns how to be a new mom to her older daughter. And while the comedy keeps you laughing, it’s this relationship between the two that really steals your heart. No other duo would have been able to play the role of mother and daughter more so than Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn. Once Amy Schumer read the script, she instantly knew that her movie mom was always meant to be Goldie. Schumer stated that


She’s made me laugh probably more than anyone. And I only ever saw her in this movie.

So, when asked of how she initially met Goldie Hawn and spoke of the movie role she responded:


I read the script and just pictured it with the two of us the whole time. And then I saw her on a plane, and in the airport, I went up after the flight and I just said, I love you, like everyone else, and I’m a comic actress, and there’s this movie, and I really want you to play my mom. And so, I wanted to just kind of plant the seed. I wasn’t like can I have your email, but I hoped she remembered and whatever. And then we really met in London and got in cahoots together to try to make this movie with the two of us.

It was important for Goldie to ensure that after a 14-year break from the big screen, her upcoming role was in line with all the work she’s done in the past.


Everything that I’ve ever done in my life has to bring joy. I thought ‘hmmm. I wonder if there’s more joy to bring, more things for me to do.

And sure enough, both Goldie and Amy delivered. But they were not alone in delivering one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. Goldie & Amy were joined by Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, Christopher Meloni & Ike Barinholtz.

You will soon come to love Ike Barinholtz as Emily’s agoraphobic brother. While he may be clingy, and annoying he will always love his Mama! And you will also quickly come to realize his iconic phrase Mama, that will possibly travel with him through the rest of his career. Ike is known for his improvisational acting so when it came time to embrace his character’s relationship with his on-screen mother, Ike drew inspiration from his own daughter.


That line actually comes from my daughter, believe it or not, my four-year-old daughter who, for some reason, even though she was born and raised in California, she sounds like Madeline [children’s book character]. She’s go mama, mama, mama, mama. And so, it just kind of became second nature to me, and I knew I wanted to call Goldie mama. And then the way I said it, it was me imitating my daughter.

And while the script, written by Katie Dippold was strong as is, the comedic prowess and improvisational skills of the actors added to the strength of the movie. We wondered how much of it was improvised?


Well, the script was solid. So, once we got what was on the paper, we got that down, then he just opened it up and let us play around a little bit.


Yes, you want to be in a position where you can improvise a little but you don’t need to improvise. That’s where we were.


What do you want the viewers to take home with them?


Well, for me, I would say…

Interrupted by Ike

…–Mama, mama.


Mama, mama.


I think my character kind of just shows that no matter like what’s going on internally with you and whatever phobias or stuff you have, when what you really care about the most is in trouble, you can kind of fight through that and when you look at my character in the first few scenes, you’re like, he’s the opposite of a hero, he’s a complete loser.

But, to kind of snap out of it and have the wherewithal to save the day I think would be kind of something that I would hope people would do.


That, I guess, women kick ass, strong women, yes, and that mother/daughter relationship, how important that is and how strong it is. And when Goldie says that it’s not fair because when the kid turns 18, they’re gone, and now you’re an annoyance basically, which I cannot wait to become. I can’t wait.

And, live a little, be adventurous, try new things, but don’t go so far where you get yourself killed, yes, or kidnapped, you know?


Yes. I just feel in a general framework, all characters in this play dealt with a sense of fearlessness, digging down deep, and you have a fearless nature within you. You have it within you. And I also thought that my character embodied this hopeless optimism. And I thought that people will have problems or conflicts with their families, and in the end, it’s like everything is fixable, everything is doable, there’s always hope, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. So I thought that’s why it was kind of an appealing movie, as well.

It was such a great opportunity to spend time with these actors on and off the screen. And it was a moment I will never forget, all thanks to Vanessa at Brite & Bubbly. I’ve already made plans for this upcoming Mother’s Day to see the movie again with my Mom and sister.

Tickets are now available for purchase on! Run out and see it with your Mom!

You are sure to leave laughing, and with a whole new appreciation for you Mamas!