Chatting With Tom Hiddleston aka Loki! #ThorDarkWorldEvent

***Disclosure: I solely received travel accommodations and the opportunity to attend this event from Disney. All opinions are my own.***

Hey All!

As you all know I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Thor: The Dark World premiere last week. On this same night, I also had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite celebrities Tom Hiddleston (Also known as Loki) who stars in the film. He’s such an amazing actor and person in general. He’s one of the nicest celebrities I have now had the opportunity to chat with 4 times to date. I can never grow tired of chatting with this amazing talent. I always learn something new each time we chat and I always enjoy every second of each time we’re together.

For this interview we discussed a number of topics about the film and Loki. Before I could ask a question Tom cut me off to tell me I looked amazing and so did everyone in the room. He is quite the gentleman.

I was full on blushing when I started off by asking him how has Loki changed since we last saw him in the Avengers and if we will see Loki reconcile with his family?

To which Tom responded:

I think Loki’s very angry with his father still. You find him in the wake of what happened in the Avengers. He’s back and he’s in prison.

I joked that Loki was an Asgardian con and Tom agreed.

Yes,  he should be wearing an Asgardian version of a kind of boiler suit and he’s not in a good way. He’s basically been written out of history, condemned to be forgotten, unseen and unheard and haunted by his demons for eterinty.  I think he’s keeping himself sharp by reading a lot and keeping his mind exercised. Much like prisoners in jail in our world. He’s not great at the long game, Loki, but he’s very good at improvising.


He also discussed what are Loki’s strengths and how he’s changed in this film.

He’ll always manipulate every situation to his own self-advantage. I think he’s changed as he’s almost freer in one sense spiritually. He’s more mischievous, he’s more fun, he’s more provocative. But he’s also more damaged.  I think there’s a kind of spiritual vulnerability which is really acute and I think he hits rock bottom in this film.  He’s more alone, he’s more lonely, more sad, and angrier. You’ll see, I’m sorry I don’t want to reveal too much.

Tom Hiddleston3
Tom was discussing what it was like to play a famous villain like Loki when I asked what is was like playing another famous Disney Villain Captain Hook.

That’s true. I’m playing Captain Hook with my voice alone. I do get to sing and it was amazing. I play Captain Hook in a film called The Pirate Fairy for Disney Animation and it’s basically a prequel to The Peter Pan Universe and Tinkerbell’s involved and one of the fairies called Zarina voiced by Christina Hendricks, goes and makes friends with the pirates. At first they’re having a really fun time and there’s this young cabin boy called James and he later reveals himself to be Captain James Hook. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

I have seen some of the temporary footage from The Pirate Fairy and have heard Tom singing in this film. I’m happy to report he nails Captain Hook as we all knew he could. He’s brilliant at everything he is involved in.

At the end of the interview he was also kind enough to take a group shot with us. He’s always gracious enough to take photos with the people who love him.


You’ll have to check out Tom as Loki in Thor: The Dark World.  He does a fantastic job in the film and it’s not to be missed.

Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now.

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