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On my fabulous press day for the film BLENDED I also had the amazing opportunity to interview my BFF Wendi McLendon-Covey! You all may know her from films like Bridesmaids and the show The Goldbergs on ABC. You may also remember I have interviewed her twice already for other films and for her show.  She is always fabulous to chat with. Every time we see each other we give each other a big hug and chat. She always looks fabulous and is always so pleasant to be around. I joke and say she’s my celeb BFF. She’s truly the type of woman you want to be your BFF. She’s sweet, honest, funny, and is incredibly stylish. She could definitely give you pointers on how to look fabulous as she always does.

On this day we chatted about her role in BLENDED. She plays the character that is Drew Barrymore’s best friend in the film and she does a fantastic job as she always does.

Here is what she had to say about the film:

I just wanted to know how you keep a straight face while filming comedies like these?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

Who’s to say I did? There are plenty of times when I would–because when I get the giggles, I can’t stop. Okay. Full disclosure, I can’t stop, and then everything shuts down. So, there were times when Adam and I were trading insults, and I just couldn’t stop myself. I just couldn’t stop, and then I cried my make-up off, and then we had to do it again. I always think, oh, I’m going to get fired if I don’t stop it, so I pull it together. That keeps me from losing it totally, but yes, I can’t keep a straight face. Believe me. In the DVD extras, you’ll see. Yes, yellow scarf.

It seems like there’s a lot of room for improv in this movie. Was it scripted? Did you get to do a lot of improv? How did that work?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

We didn’t do a lot. They did let us at times. And you can kind of feel where it is. There’s a scene where Drew and I are in the stands with the little league dads, and they’re being complete jack asses. I would do that. In real life I would do that. If somebody was picking on my friend’s kid, I would go off like that. So, Drew and I kind of kept going, and going, and going. And we figured, well, they’ll stop us when they’ve had enough. And then, they just didn’t stop us. We just kept going and going. And that was very therapeutic. And again, when Adam and I were trading insults, we rift a little. And when I was trying on the different outfits in the closet too. The script was pretty tight, it didn’t need a lot of embellishing really. It was quite good. Yes.

You always look fabulous on screen and off screen. Because your style is so you basically. I recognize you by your style. Do you have a stylist that comes with you to each film?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

No. No. I’ve had mixed luck with stylists. I have one now that I like. But, at this point, at 44-years-old I just know what works and what doesn’t work. And for me, I’ve got to stick to simple shapes. I’ve got big boobs, kids. And I can go from zero to stripper in no time flat if I wear the wrong thing.

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

This is Diane von Furstenberg. It’s a jumpsuit. I love it. I love a jumpsuit. I can’t get enough. It’s a commitment. It’s a whole commitment. But, look, it feels like pajamas. Put a little heel on, some jewels, you’re good to go.

What was it like to play a supportive best friend who was dating a weirdo? Because Adam Sandler at that time, we thought he was kind of weird. What was it like to play a supportive best friend?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

Oh, I loved doing that. I love being the snarky best friend who always has something weird to say. We’ve all been put in a position where you have to sit and make conversation with someone’s idiot boyfriend, or awkward date. And you’re just, like, oh, let’s put an end to this right now. There’s no reason for this to continue. That was funny to me, because I was taking my cue from my friend, and she had already said she didn’t like him. So, what’s he doing at her house? My protection instinct kicks in. Like, get him out of here. Get him out here, why is he in here? She already said he was horrible. So, where am I going with this? Well, we’ve all felt like that. I thought you guys weren’t going to do this again. Why are you calling, or why are you Facebooking? Leave the lawn. You haven’t technically done anything to deserve a restraining order, but I’m giving you a verbal restraining order as the friend, you know? But, it was fun, it was fun to play.


How did you get involved in a project like this, because I feel like I’m seeing your name more and more, and I’m really excited that you are in this movie actually.

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

Thank you. How did I get involved in this? Well, Happy Madison, which is Adam’s company, they produced The Goldbergs and they produced a show called Rules of Engagement that I did a bunch of recurring stuff on. So, I think that’s how Adam even knew who I was. But, we’d kind of been circling each other for years and years and years, and I finally met him on this. I’d never seen him in person before. And it just worked out that I could do this the two weeks prior to starting The Goldbergs. So, he kind of made it happen. It was a last minute thing. I got the call, and then 24 hours later I was in Georgia doing this. So, as excited as I was, I did a nice little dance when I got the part. I also thought, oh, wait, now I have to actually go and do this, and what if I’m no good, which I always go into every project thinking I’m going to get fired the first day.

I wanted to ask you about the hair on The Goldbergs. How much of a commitment is that?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

That is a wig, and it gets styled before I get there. I’m lucky I came through the ’80s with my own hair still growing out of my head, so I just felt it would be best if I didn’t do that again. And it’s great because they just put it on my head, and I’m good for the day. I can’t use hairspray really, I’m allergic. So, I don’t know what she does to it, but it holds its shape all day. But, by the end, I want to stick a fork underneath and start scrathing it.

So, in Bridesmaids, how much of Rita was scripted, and how much of it was you, because I don’t feel like anybody else could’ve played that?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

A lot of Rita’s lines were improvised. We did have a script, but that movie, we did a lot of improvising, and lots of my lines were improvised. And if you see the DVD, there’s three hours of extras, and a lot of my stuff is in there.

What’s your favorite scene from Blended?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

My favorite scene from Blended in a tear jerker way is when Drew sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the girls. I just can’t handle it. I just couldn’t handle it. My favorite scene for me was when I’m parading around in my client’s clothes–and p.s., I always think that’s what they’re going to do. That’s why I don’t hire anyone to come over and do anything. But, when she starts crying and saying, I should’ve done this, and I should’ve done this. It’s my fault, and I cave in, like, no. I really wanted to go off, but it’s not an R-rated movie, and I would’ve used bad language. How is it your fault that he’s an asshole? That’s what I wanted to say. You wearing a low-cut dress isn’t going to make him not be a jackass. I just feel so terrible for anyone that has to go through that who comes out on the other side thinking, I should’ve done this. I should’ve done something superficial, and it’s never your fault if you were cheated on.


You and Drew played besties perfectly. I’m wondering how much time you guys got to spend before, or during the shoot because you two were great.

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

Zero. We had no time together. Because she’d been in Africa for seven weeks with a baby, little Olive had to go with her. So, she’s working 26 hours a day. And I was in Vegas doing Think Like A Man Too, so I couldn’t have gone anyway. There was just no time. So, our first scene together is the first time we met. And, again, momma’s work harder than everybody. So, for her to work 12 to 14 hours on that movie, and then go home and be momma to a kid that you just want to devour. She’s so cute. I don’t understand how she was even functioning. But, no, we spent no time together. There was no bonding over wine, which would’ve been fun, you know? She’s a cool girl.

You are so confident, and all of your female characters are so confident. What would you say to help girls to have that same confidence, what advice you might give?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

Well, that’s a question for the ages. A lot of people would answer this question by saying the media tells us we should look this way, and that way. And, you know, we need to embrace these ideals that aren’t realistic, and blah, blah. I would say to tell your daughters–and you have to start it young. Don’t badmouth yourself in front of your daughters, and they won’t think its okay to badmouth themselves. I didn’t know what the phrase thunder thighs meant until my mom started saying that about herself. So, if you show your daughter a confident woman who maybe doesn’t do everything perfectly, but gives it a good try, and forgives herself, and picks up again the next day and does it all over. That’s a very good lesson. And maybe you think you’re getting messages from certain places, but it’s up to you whether or not you’d want to listen. And in the end, aren’t you more interesting than everybody else anyway? I mean, on your worst day, doesn’t everybody here, sit and look at other people and say, well, at least I’m not that sad sack. Please tell me you think that. I mean, look, when I was in my 20’s and working a job at a crappy hotel near Disneyland, I didn’t even have my own desk. I sat at a nightstand, an old nightstand. I had to sit like this with a typewriter, okay? And I had bad outfits. I had no money. I was living with my parents. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My parents were, like, acting, absolutely not. So, I was floundering. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I would get so depressed. It just can’t be this way. I cannot be looking forward at 2:00 to getting a Twix out of the vending machine every day. Life has got to be better than this. And I would think, well, at least I think that. At least I think there could be something better. And if I think there could be, then there probably is. And maybe I’m not the cutest thing in the world, but I’m not horrible. Everybody likes a different flavor, so who really cares if someone doesn’t like me, well, do I like them, that’s what we should be thinking about. Don’t worry about outside people. Worry about yourself and what you’re taking in from other people. And, I don’t know, that’s what I wish my mom would’ve told me. You don’t have to please anybody. What have they done for you? Not that you shouldn’t, well, that sounded obnoxious, and yet I believe it. And yet I don’t think I’m going to change my answer. So, that’s a long way of saying, just believe in yourself, guys. No, I hate pat answers like that, so I don’t know.

Of all the roles that you’ve done, and that you’ve participated in, which has been your favorite role, and your favorite movie?

Ms. Wendi McLendon-Covey:

I sure love playing Beverly Goldberg, and I mean, not just because she’s on my plate right now, but I genuinely love going to work. And I genuinely love working with those kids. It’s the most challenging thing for me, because I don’t have any kids. So, that to me I think is my favorite role. And movie-wise, I loved doing Bridesmaids, but that’s never going to happen again. So, I love doing that. I loved this movie, and–oh my gosh I have a movie coming out at Christmas that is going to be so funny with Robin Williams and Joel McHale, it’s called the Friggin’ Christmas Miracle, or Merry Friggin’ Christmas I think that’s what it’s called. That’s one of my favs, too. And this one. I had a great time doing it. It just flew by. For as long as they were in Africa, and I mean, they’ll say this movie took forever. I feel like I blinked and it was over.

At the end of the interview Wendi was even nice enough to take a group shot with us.


She was so fabulous to chat with. I can’t wait to see her in her next film. She’s beyond funny in anything she does! She is of course great in BLENDED. You should definitely check out this film to see Wendi and all the amazing cast in this sweet yet funny film.

BLENDED is in theaters May 23rd!

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