Check Out Droplet On This Tech Tuesday! #TechTuesdays



Hey All!

I have a fun household item to share on this Tech Tuesday! Have your heard of Droplet? It makes watering your lawn or garden a heck of a lot easier!  It’s a smart sprinkler that will help you will not only get your plants watered, but it will save your water with a more precise watering system. When you live in Los Angeles and there is a drought all the time, this is the kind of sprinkler you’d need! It only waters when and where you need it to and only as much as it needs to. No over watering will happen with this device! Apparently everyday sprinklers are wasting around 56% of the water they use and costing the average American sprinkler user about $265 a year. That’s a heck of a lot of wasted water and money!


It’s very easy to set up as you simply hook Droplet to your lawn hose. It’s super quick to set up. You simply log on to and tell the system where your plants are and what types you have growing so it makes sure to provide each plant the correct amount of water.

It’s WiFi-enabled and can figure out where and how much water to use for all the plants in your garden and yard as it processes over 10,000 weather stations’ data in real time.


It will also water your lawn will also make sure to not soak anything that’s not a plant with water. For example you always walk by houses with the sprinkler going off and the side walk is soaked as well, this won’t happen with a Droplet.

Droplet says it will save you up to 90% of the water you’ve been using and heck of a lot of money! I’m all for that! I know I’ll be snagging one of these if we ever buy a house.

You can pre-order Droplet on Amazon now for $300.

Stay Tuned next week for more fun Technology on our next Tech Tuesdays!