Check Out The Nighttime Studio Tour At Universal Studios Hollywood!

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If my last two posts about all the new additions at Universal Studios Hollywood weren’t enough to get you super excited to visit the park, I’m happy to share that they are also adding the “Nighttime Studio Tour” to the famed Studio Tour ride. They’ll be offering evening tours of the iconic movie backlot. Since its inception, Universal Studios has lifted the veil on Hollywood’s most illustrious industry, placing guests at the heart of favorite movies and television shows. It continues to be at the forefront of innovation, imagination and inspiration, working in collaboration with some of the most influential filmmakers in the business and the greatest minds in entertainment—Steven Spielberg, Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and Chris Meledandri—to create intriguing rides and attractions.

You get to see Jaws at night…


King King smashing up some trams and…


Fighting off some dinosaurs all at night!


You’ll get to see props from Jurassic Park on the tour and so much more!


It’s incredible to know that the Studio Tour has been around for 50 years!

“For 50 years, Universal Studios Hollywood has given guests unprecedented access to the world’s most alluring business by inviting them to peek behind the velvet curtain and become part of the exciting movie-making process,” said Larry Kurzweil, President of Universal Studios Hollywood. “We are reimagining over 75 percent of our destination as we build upon our incredible success and expand our vision for the future, and we look forward to entertaining and inspiring guests for generations to come with what will ultimately be an entirely new theme park experience.”


The “Glamour Trams” of yesteryear that gave way to today’s world-famous Studio Tour is undergoing a top to bottom makeover to coincide with the 50th anniversary, and by 2016, will roll out a fleet of new, contemporary trams, including the installation of ultra-comfy cushioned seats. A modern exterior and sleek logo design will contribute to the updated aesthetics of these iconic trams, while a new Art Deco-themed Studio Tour entry portal, located within the theme park, will greet guests.


The Studio Tour is also offered in multiple languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and English and led by expert guides. The acclaimed Studio Tour remains a hallmark Universal Studios Hollywood attraction bringing millions of guests through an authentic movie and television studio and into its elusive world motivated by three compelling words: lights, camera, action.

There is no other place where you could get to see the epic plane crash set from “War of the Worlds”…


Or see the epic sound stages up close and personal, where so many classic films were made.


You also get to see some fantastic back lot sets all under the starry night sky on the “Nighttime Studio Tour” .



Under a blanket of stars, over 20 locations along the famed Studio Tour route will showcase an array of luminous onset lighting and special effects used in nighttime production. Theatrical lighting will cast a glow on iconic backlot sets as Studio Tour guides shed light on Hollywood secrets and tricks of the world’s most glamorous trade, including how filmmakers create the effect of daylight amid the black of night. Celebrated stars who found fame on Universal’s backlot will also make cameo appearances on the “Nighttime Studio Tour,” including Marilyn Monroe, Norman Bates and Frankenstein. The “Nighttime Studio Tour” will run every weekend throughout the summer through Labor Day!


If you’re in the Los Angeles, CA area it’s a must see!

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It’s truly the Entertainment Capital of L.A.SM!