Check Out These Awesome Hasbro Guardians of The Galaxy Toys!


Hey All!

I was thrilled to get this surprise box of awesomeness in the mail this week from Hasbro. It’s an amazing box filled with Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy toys.


How cool is even this box? Too cool for school right? We’re keeping the box to say the least.


Insided were a bunch of toys. Some of our favorites were the Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon figure and this sweet Milano Starship vehicle! This fast-moving star cruiser’s lights and battle sounds make the action more intense as your included Star-Lord figure pilots it into the fight against the forces of evil. No enemy will stand against the vehicle’s dual firing missiles! The Guardians of the Galaxy will always prevail when your Milano Starship vehicle is in the fight!

The Milano Starship vehicle has lights and battle sounds. It also includes a Star-Lord figure and Dual firing missiles.


The Guardians of the Galaxy need all the help they can get to save the cosmos from destruction, and this is just the raccoon for the job! This incredible electronic Rocket Raccoon figure has a spinning blaster that lights up in the heat of battle. When you press the button on his leg, the blaster fires, and you can choose the battle sounds you want to hear! The intergalactic action will be epic with your Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon figure!

The figure comes with blaster and features:

• Awesome electronic Rocket Raccoon figure
• Comes with spinning blaster
• Blaster fires when you press the button on the figure’s leg
• Select battle sounds


We also got this awesome Star-Lord blaster! You’ll feel like the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy when you load up all 4 barrels of your Quad Blaster with the included darts. Hit targets up to 25 feet away as you defend the cosmos against the forces of evil! Will any enemy stand against you? Not when you have the Star-Lord Quad Blaster!


And lastly we got this awesome Rocket Raccoon Action Mask! You’ll feel like Rocket Raccoon when you slip this mask on, and you control the action. DO you want to move the mask’s ears, or raise the eyebrows or open the mouth? Just move your jaw to activate it! Will any enemy stand against you? Not when you have the Rocket Raccoon Action Mask on!

Check out the mask in action in the mask below:

All these toys are amazing and truly allow for kids to become their favorite characters of this sure to be summer blockbuster. Hasbro always get’s their movie themed toys right. I only wish there were more Groot toys, but these are all pretty awesome and Christmas really did come early.

Run out to your local toy store and snag some of these toys now before their all sold out! These are sure to be the hottest toys of the holiday season as well.