Choosing The Right School For Your Child!


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Time to get those Panda Back Packs out! It’s Back to School season and that often means choosing a school for your kids. If you’re like my sister in law, (who has a variety of daughters ranging from 2 to 13) there are a lot of decisions to be made especially for the little one who is almost ready to go to pre-school. I help her often as she’s a single mom, and it’s hard to raise 1 kid, let alone 3 on your own. I wanted to make sure we find the best schools for the youngest baby, so we’re looking for a program that will fit her personality and learning needs. You always have to make sure you’re choosing the right school for your kids. If you don’t, they may not learn effectively and gain the skills they need to obtain from the school program. We know she needs to learn to be more confident and develop her socializing skills, that’s why we’re looking into a great school like La Petite Academy. The Los Angeles locations have enrichment programs for children who are Infants to Pre-K! They offer comprehensive learning opportunities at every age! That’s the type of program we need for her.


La Petite Academy is a school providing a quality learning environment and age-appropriate programs that enable children to grow and develop. They reassure parents that their children are in good hands by constantly keeping lines of communication open. They believe parental involvement is a key to helping children learn, so they encourage them to volunteer. It’s so important to be involved in your kids learning and it’s rare to find a school that allows the parents to be so involved.

Their learning center is unique in that it not only has separate rooms for each age group, but also has a one-way observation room for each class that gives parents a chance to quietly look in on their children. Safety is also a premier factor, so parents have their own key card to access the building.

They Offer Programs for:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Twos & Early Preschool
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K/K Prep
  • Enrichment Programs

Education has always been important to our family. Even when I was a kid, I was always told getting an education would allow me to have a great life and achieve my dreams. I firmly believe this is true, as I am living proof of that. We also believe our kids should start learning at a very young age. A child’s brain is like a little sponge when they first start out and you want them to begin absorbing as much learning as they can right from the beginning. Getting kids into programs like La Petite Academy will only allow them to excel and learn faster. They’ll be ready for kindergarten and who knows it may give them that edge to beat out the competition. They waiting lists at the best schools are long. The only way to get to the head of the line is to have your kids ready and able to pass any tests they may give them to enter the program. We think the La Petite Academy can help us get her to that point. We think it’s the best school for her.


                                                              Photo Courtesy of La Petite Academy

As I said before, finding the best school for your child is so important. Here are the top 5 things we determined which led us to the decision that La Petite Academy was a great fit for my little niece.

  1. They have programs that fit her personality and age group.
  2. They allow parents to visit and view their kids while in classes.
  3. We assessed her learning abilities at home and know how fast she can learn. You should learn this about your child as well, so you can pick the right program for her.
  4. They have programs that allow her to learn and prepare for Kindergarten.
  5. They have programs that will allow her to socialize with other kids her age.

You have to really pay attention to the learning abilities and personality of your own child in order to pick the right school for your kids. We know my niece and we know she’ll do great at La Petite Academy!

For more info on this amazing school visit the La Petite Academy website and schedule a tour of the school!

La Petite Academy Opening Minds. Unleashing imaginations.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Learning Care Group. The opinions and text are all mine.