Christmas in July with! & some Craft Ideas too!

Hey all!

It’s Christmas in July with! I love Christmas and I wish it was all year round honestly. I love when Christmas in July comes around each year as it’s another chance to get the Holiday Spirit going again. I especially love getting in the Holiday spirit with Storkie!

What is Storkie you ask? Well they are an amazing site that sells the greatest stylish Christmas cards and photo Christmas Cards. They have a great selection of cards for amazing prices.

I’m writing this post today because Storkie asked me a question that I would love to share with you which is…

What do you do with those old Christmas cards after the Holidays are over? Have you ever thought of reusing your old Christmas cards or using them in craft project or to make a craft to use for next year?

Would you like to reuse those cards next year? Especially the cards you can use that are photo Christmas Cards and have the year printed on them? Well I love to do crafts so what I like to do is make Christmas gift tags and other crafts out of my old cards.

Gift tags in particular are extremely easy to make. You can use whatever you have lying around your home and you can save some money on gift tags for next Christmas.

All you need are:

  • Used Greeting Cards
  • Ribbon
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher

All you do is cut out the picture or scene on the front of a greeting card, making sure that the back side of it is blank. Like in the picture of the card above you can simply cut out the white section and tree section to make a great gift tag.  Make sure you cut it is big enough to Write TO: and FROM: on the back. That is what makes it a gift tag.

Punch a hole in the center of the tag and string a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it into a loop. That’s all you have to do! Simple right? You’ve got some great tags to use for next Christmas.

This is just one simple idea you can do to reuse those old Christmas cards. There are plenty of ideas you can do with your old cards.

What else could you think of to turn your old Christmas cards into?

***Disclosure: I will be compensated or paid for this post. I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***