Cleansing My Body Before The Wedding & A #Giveaway!

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Hey All!

Have you heard of Kaeng Raeng? Kaeng Raeng is a delicious, convenient, and affordable cleanse option. Kaeng Raeng allows you to cleanse without fasting. No starvation or hunger required here; Kaeng Raeng lets you eat all the raw fruits and veggies your heart desires. Let the best of you shine through with a natural cleanse. There are no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no laxatives or stimulants in KR.

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Kaeng Raeng was made with YOU in mind. It comes in 3-day or 6-day programs in three different levels: Beginner (for first time users), Veteran (for those who have done at least one cleanse), and Master (you know who you are). Kaeng Raeng is also available as soy free. Don’t know what level is for you, you can take a quiz!

I got the opportunity to try this for myself as I wanted to do something to cleanse out my body before our upcoming wedding. To do the cleanse, you simply mix one meal replacement pouch with 24oz of cold liquid 3 times per day at mealtime for a 32oz smoothie that is packed with 15g of protein and 12g of fiber.

I tried all the flavors and I mixed them in with my morning smoothies. I’m always on the go, so it’s nice to have this boost in the morning for me.

My favorite was the Blueberry Banana as it blended well with the fresh strawberries and juice in my smoothie. I also love that they are Caffeine and Gluten free as those are two things I always avoid. The taste blended perfectly in my smoothie. You could barely tell it’s there. You can drink it by itself, but I prefered it in my smoothie.

My experience on the clense was over all positive. I did notice my skin had cleared up a bit on the clense and I did lose 1 pound. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try to clean out my system. It may not be for everyone, but I’m happy I tried it!

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Kaeng Raeng cleanse is a favorite of celebrities and health conscious users all over the world. They are also all about sustainability which I love! In addition to having a vegan product, we source our ingredients from local California farmers and make it right here in California. That means we’re choosing farmers with the most sustainable farming practices and lowering our carbon footprint. One of the best side effects of a cleanse is improved skin. By abstaining from traditional foods, especially dairy, and filling your body with high quality nutrients and vitamins, your skin will take on a beautiful glow after just 3 days. Kaeng Raeng is proud to be animal free: a portion of every sale goes to animal protection organizations.

If you’re still not convinced about this clense. Check out this video below of Kaeng Raeng vs. The Competion.

You can find Kaeng Raeng on Amazon.

Want to try it FREE? We’re giving away one 3-Day Beginner program to one  reader.

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Here are some health warnings before you try it. You try this product at your own risk should you choose to try it!

Due to the calorie constricted nature of the cleanse, we do not recommend KR for pregnant women or women who are nursing. There is nothing in KR that will harm a pregnant woman or her baby, so it is fine to be used as a meal replacement. However, as a cleanse program, it is calorie constricted and not recommended for pregnant women or nursing moms.

Kaeng Raeng is not intended for children. KR is a nutritional cleanse program NOT a fast, so we’d prefer avoiding terms like juice cleanse/juice diet/etc. Although weight loss can be a welcome benefit of a good cleanse, our program is not designed for the objective of quick weight loss.

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