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As part of The Avengers event we had the amazing opportunity to sit down Cobie Smulders of “How I met your Mother” fame who plays S.H.E.I.L.D Agent Maria Hill in the film. I did want to ask her many questions about her character in the film and her character Robyn on “How I met your Mother” but being that we were meeting with her right before the red carpet we didn’t have much time to ask her a million questions. She was so pretty and friendly and so glad to see we were all dressed up for the red carpet so she didn’t feel out of place being dressed in that beautiful gown.

Before we started asking questions she asked “Is anyone familiar with the comic books, are there any Avengers fans in the house?”  The room looked at me and I looked down at my shoes as I was wearing my comic Avengers shoes and she immediately loved them! This is a picture below of when she noticed the shoes.

“Oh my god are you serious, that’s amazing.  How cool! Where did you get those shoes?” And I quickly answered my friend over on East Bay California hand painted them for me. I think Cobie may have a pair of Avengers shoes soon. lol.

Here is what she had to say in the interview and I’ll let you know what question was mine!

Since it’s an action movie, do you have a lot of stunts you had to do, what was the craziest?

COBIE SMULDERS: Yeah, well the cool thing was, first of all when I got, when I got the part, I hadn’t even read the script.  And then I got the script after, um, I did a chemistry test with Sam Jackson.  And, uh, and then I read the script, and I thought I was literally going to be like making a latte for Nick Fury, or like on the computer screen, you know, in the background.  And it was really cool to read that I had a lot to do and then it just kind of grew more and more.

And the beginning of this film sort of opens with this huge car chase sequence and, um, I, I want to say like the hardest thing to do was probably that, actually.  Because I’d never done driving, but like driving under extraordinary circumstances.  Where like it- it felt like and the- this is so girlie.  But it felt like sort of dance choreography where you’re like driving and they’re like and then a car hits you from the sides.  Then you move your body this way and then you jam in into second gear.

And then you take your gun and hit the windshield and you shoot out the windshield and then you run out of bullets so you throw the gun down.  And then you peel the car and you’re like, what?  And they’re like and now go.  I know I turn, so it’s somewhere, so it was sort of hard to physicalize that and turn my brain off.  And, and not like you just had to like kind of do it and get it in your body a few times and then it was okay.  So that was really the most challenging because it was also like me being driven, you know, being pulled by another car.

And I’m like, going like five miles an hour, you know, and I’m supposed to be just like cruising, I mean I did get to do some of my own like fast paced driving, but that was probably the hardest.  But I, I came into this part and I wanted to do so much, so I did all this training.  I was boxing three times a week, and I was training in Martial Arts, doing some Tai, um, Tai Kwon Do and Jujitsu and, um, and hired a guy, um, out of L.A. who actually trains SWAT teams, um, to get more familiar with weapons and to feel comfortable holding them.

And to- shooting them, which I’d never done before. Um, so I wanted to be ready for anything and I was happy that they gave me some stuff to do.  Especially not being a super hero, you know, yeah.

(MY QUESTION FOR COBIE) You work on “How I met your Mother” with Neil Patrick Harris and Allison Hannigan, both of which have worked with Joss Whedon in the past, did they have any words of wisdom or encouragement for getting the roll or working with Joss on this film? 


COBIE SMULDERS: Yeah, it wasn’t a question of words of wisdom it was a, a blanket statement of like, you’re so lucky. I was so excited to get to work with him, because he truly is like an actors’ director.  And he took so much care, especially with me playing Maria Hill, who’s a new character.  He knows so much, I mean he’s a fan boy, he knows everything there is to know about comic books.  And was that guy, a kid, at Comic-Con from its inception, you know.

And so he knew so much about her and about S.H.I.E.L.D. and he was there from the get go, really.  And I think that Allison actually, when I went in to audition, she called him, she knew when I saw her on the set and I was like, oh I’m going in today for the Avengers film that Joss is directing, she’s like oh my god.  And like texted him or called him and said, you know, Cobie went in and read today, make sure you go in and see the tape or whatever. I’ve known Joss mainly from going to their house for birthday parties and such. So they were just excited for me to get to, to work with him.

I SAY To Cobie: It’s great to have such support from your friends and cast members!

COBIE SMULDERS: Yeah.  Absolutely.  Absolutely.

What would you say in the film appeals to families? 


COBIE SMULDERS:     Um, well, you know what I like about this film is it’s kind of a dysfunctional family, like it’s the way that these- all these sort of separate superheroes have to come together to succeed.  And I, I feel like there’s sort of like a team, a family dynamic within that- and it’s cool to see them rise above their personal issues.  And sort of accomplish the goal.

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