Colorful Confetti Heart Sprinkles & Candy Valentines! With Printable!


Hey All!

For this Donut and Confetti Monday, I wanted to share a fun Valentine’s Day idea that used some edible confetti and candy. In case you didn’t know edible confetti is sprinkles.


It’s multiple colors, it’s adorable, and sometimes people even throw sprinkles instead of confetti and weddings and parties now-a-days. And you have to add some candy for added fun since it is Valentine’s Day!


It’s super easy to make and all you need to make it is:

-Heart Stickers which I found hear on Etsy on the Inspire Lovely Shop.
-Multicolored Heart Sprinkles
-Clear Resealable Cello Bags which I found on Etsy at Aria Crafts Shop. You can use which ever size you’d like.
-Tiny Size Rainbow Chicklets
-Photo Glossy Paper
-Paper Cutter
-Heart Shaped Paper Clips
-And this Free printable below. Just Click on the image below to get the image and right click or drag to your desktop to save.



It’s super easy to make this cute Valentine’s Day idea. There are two ways you can make them.


First you print out the printable above and cut our your tags. It will give you 6 tags, but you can print out and cut as many as you want.


You then take your Clear Resealable Cello Bags and fill them with a packet of the Tiny Size Rainbow Chicklets.


You then fill the bag with Multicolored Heart Sprinkles making sure they are on both sides.

IMG_0140 IMG_0133

You then seal the bag with a heart sticker and use two of the Heart Shaped Paper Clips to clip the tag you printed out to the bag.


That’s it your done! The other option which I prefer is to pour the Tiny Size Rainbow Chicklets directly into the Clear Resealable Cello Bags.


And then put in the heart shaped sprinkles and a printable tag.


Seal the bag with a heart sticker.


And then you have another fun Valentine that almost has a snow globe in a bag effect.

I think these are such fun and unique Valentine’s Day gifts that anyone young or old can enjoy. Who doesn’t love a colorful Valentine!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Stay tuned for next week for more fun on Donut and Confetti Mondays!