Comic Con Adventures With Toyota!

Hey All!

I’m sure you were all following along on our Comic Con 2016 adventures on Instagram, where we shared a bunch of pics. We couldn’t have made it to Comic Con with out the help of the amazing folks at Toyota, who were kind enough to loan us the new 2016 Prius! It’s such a fabulous car and it’s longer and wider than the previous Prius models, which I love. It’s a god send of a car when you’re going on a road trip. I think we only filled up once the entire week we had the car and that included going and coming back from San Diego!

Amazing I know! It gets about 50 mpg on the highway, which is incredible in my book. It’s THE road trip car.

It also had a push button start…

And an amazing satellite radio and navigation so we can be easily entertained on the road. We listened to our geeky tunes all the way to San Diego.

We added out Death Star dice to the rear view mirror and were on our way!

It’s such a great and smooth drive!

I almost forgot to mention, it had more than enough trunk space to fill with our luggage and all the geeky Comic Con exclusives we buy each year.

I was very happy about this, as we shop ALOT at comic con. It would be a major issue if we didn’t have enough trunk space. Thankfully we did!

I loved driving a hybrid vehicle to Comic Con this year, as we want to do all we can to help be eco-friendly in all that we do.

We got to Comic Con in a flash. We can’t really stop the car anywhere near Comic Con, since all the streets are closed off, but I took a million pictures as we drove by.

This is my view of the convention center as we drove by to get to our hotel.

We got there in a flash thanks to our Toyota Prius! We then got our press badges and began the craziness that is Comic Con 2016.

We saw a hodor and so many amazing costumers…

We saw amazing panels and had our annual Comic Con Donuts from Donut Bar…

And we met a bunch of my childhood idols like Elvira!

It was such a fun time and we never would have made it without out Toyota Prius!

Thanks so much again to Toyota for prividing us with this amazing free car loan!

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No compensation was provided for this post. We were solely given a week car loan to attend this event.