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I recently had the awesome opportunity to be invited to check out the Premiere of the New YouTube Red Originals Shows and I sadly couldn’t make it. I sent my newest awesome contributor and bestie Salby to cover for me. She had a great time and here she is to tell you all about it!

Hey guys!

Salby here from Lulu Bloo. I had the opportunity to cover for Brite and Bubbly at the Premiere of the New YouTube Red Originals Shows . This spring, they will be launching several kid’s shows that will be made available on YouTube as well as the YouTube Kids App for YouTube Red subscribers. We previewed four new shows that were hilariously fun, exciting and perfect for kids of any age! They included: Kings of Atlantis, Dan TDM Creates a Big Scene, Hyperlinked and Fruit Ninjas. Staff and media members brought their family to the YouTube Space LA offices for a day of previews, games and fun!

The lobby was converted into a kid friendly movie experience. The main desk housed a large media display that was used for the preview screenings. There were lounge areas and chairs all around for the adults. And the kids sat on the YouTube red carpet to watch! If you were lucky and got there early that day, you could have taken a chance on their claw game to win yourself a YouTube hat. Unfortunately, by the time it was my turn, the hats were all gone! After the filming, there were fun indoor and outdoor activities for families to enjoy while they waited in line to have a meet and greet with Dan TDM!

We started the previews with Kings of Atlantis, which launched on April 7th. It’s a Minecraft inspired computer animated series featuring two brothers named Cody And Joe. The voices for the two brothers were provided by YouTubers Cody and Joe of TheAtlanticCraft Minecraft channel. One was a penguin and the other a chicken who were adopted by the King of Atlantis. Their father, the king, had decided to abdicate his thrown to his two sons. It was now their time to rule the kingdom together. However, their evil uncle had other plans! On the day of their coronation, their uncle trapped the King using a mystical force that suspended him in a crystal. During the attack, Joe and Cody were gifted weapons by the professor, an advisor and mentor to the two brothers. Together, they battled their uncle and his army and escaped. It’s now their duty as future kings of Atlantis to save their father and their kingdom! And while your kids will enjoy every minute, the most important aspect of the show was the message behind it. The show teaches kids that to overcome obstacles, you must work together. That our family and friends give us strength to be great leaders and great heroes! And while Cody & Joe clash on occasion like any other sibling, they still love each other very much!

We then previewed Dan TDM Creates a Big Scene. By far, this was the more popular show of the day! The kids were screaming with excitement when it started. And that was all thanks to Dan TDM! Dan TDM is a YouTube sensation who currently has 14 million subscribers. On April 7th, YouTube launched their new show called Dan TDM Creates a Big Scene. In the series, Dan and his pals are launching a live show! His first attempt at the show went horribly wrong. Everyone hated it! So now it was up to Dan and his pals to create a whole new show that was going to be bigger and better. With the help of his more popular characters, like Eve (played by Danielle Tabor), Dr. Trayaurus, Craig the Mailman, Terrence the Pig and Darcie and Ellie his adorable pugs, we get a glimpse at all the behind the scenes shenanigans. They learn all new skills and overcome obstacles as they prepare for the relaunch of their live show. The show itself is very funny and kids are engaged from beginning to end. And it’ll make any adult laugh along too.

After Dan TDM Creates a Big Scene, there were two more previews set. One was a girl powered series based on real life events called Hyperlinked. Hyperlinked featured a group of fearless teens living in San Francisco as they maneuvered their way through life and the world of social media. The four best friends launched a blog and helped other teens with fashion, DIY fun, creative arts and helped answer questions about everyday life. This show is sure to inspire any young girl in going after her dreams and learning to balance life, friendship and family. Shortly after Hyperlinked we watched one more show called Fruit Ninjas. This was another computer animated series in which four friends studied the art of fruit martial arts. Little did these friends know that someday soon, they would put all their training to use and fight an evil villain that traveled through time! It’s now up to the fruit ninjas to use their skill and help save their world. Both shows are set to launch later this spring.

Once the previews were over, the kids and everyone in attendance had a chance to do a Q&A with DAN TDM! He came on to the stage and the kids were star struck. They were screaming loudly and were so excited to meet one of their favorite YouTubers. The staff opened the floor and allowed the kids to ask some questions.

I was surprised to see how well thought out some of these questions were. My favorite question of the day was asked by a young boy. He asked Dan what inspired him to make YouTube videos. Dan stated that he had loved making videos even before there was a YouTube or any other outlet for social media. And once YouTube came along, he had the opportunity to share his passion with the rest of the world. And over the course of the last 5 years, Dan has turned his love of videos and gaming into a full-time career with endless possibilities. And I hope that kids can learn that hard work and determination leads to achieving your dreams and finding success in doing what you love. He was very happy to answer all their questions and the kids were grateful in return. After a few more questions, the kids had an opportunity to do a meet and greet with Dan.

The kids and their parents quickly lined up and eagerly awaited as Dan signed their books and took photos in front of the YouTube Red backdrop. Some of the girls from Hyperlinked were also in attendance to meet their fans. Afterwards families had a chance to play some games, munch on some snacks and enjoy the rest of their day. Besides the claw machine, they also had a virtual reality station set up inside so kids could have a go at being a fruit ninja! And if virtual reality wasn’t their thing, they had several other fun activities to choose from outside. They could play twister, giant Jenga or play foosball. They could even just hang out on the lawn and just enjoy the moment!

I’m excited to see what other shows are set to launch for YouTube Red subscribers. These previews were not only funny and exciting, but each show taught children a valuable lesson. To overcome any obstacle, you can always turn to your friends and family for help. And by working together, you can achieve anything. And most importantly, if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams and turn the things your passionate about into success at any age! I must thank Vanessa at Brite and Bubbly for sending me to this awesome event! Not only did I have a lot of fun watching the previews and enjoyed seeing the offices at YouTube Space La, I also learned some valuable lessons from the shows! And I’m hoping I can go back and snag me a hat one day!

Thanks so much to Salby for covering for me and a big thanks to YouTube for having us!



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