Cute DIY Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers & Giveaway!

DIY faux-Cake Pin Organizers Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I’m legit obsessed with pins. I love my flair and I just don’t care! It’s a crazy obsession that has my bank account yelling at me NO MORE. I try to stop buying pins, but then I see another one that I just can’t resist. This has been going on since I started collecting pins from Disneyland and Disney World back in the day. Now that it’s trendy and there are so many amazing pin designers, I now have hundreds of pins to flair up everything from my jackets to purses. I wear my flair every day and I love it! What I don’t have is a good way to organize them. It’s become a huge problem, as I’m now overflowing with pins and I have no place to put them. I really needed to finally get my pins organized, so I decided to make these cute DIY Flair aka #Pingame Organizing Cakes! You can get your flair organized and keep your #Pingame pride on display for all to see with these adorable faux-tasty treat cake organizers. I just love having a place to show off all my pins, as some are just too cute to not show off. I’m making a bunch of these, so I can fit all my pins! In case you can’t tell from the picture below, this pile of pins is about 3-4 inches deep! I have a ton of pins!


I have also have two new pin designers/besties that I love and they are Wildflower + Co and ilootpaperie. They have such cute pins and Wildflower + Co just launched a new line of Hard enamel gold trimmed pins that I’m absolutely gaga over! ilootpaperie has some super cute adorable enamel foodie pins I love too! They were kind enough to send me some of these pins and I couldn’t wait to show them off on my #Pingame cakes! If you’re looking for a cute way to organize your pins, here is how to make these fun cake looking organizers.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Supplies


Supplies depend on how many cakes you’d like to make and how many layers you’d like in your cakes.

  • You’ll need 3 Two Inch Thick Styrofoam Circle Discs for the three layer cakes and Two 4 Inch Thick Styrofoam Circle Discs for two layered cakes.
  • At Least 2 Containers of White Caulk
  • Caulking Gun
  • Disposable Cake Decorating Pipping Bags
  • Pipping Tips
  • White, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Yellow Spray Paint. Or you can use any colors you’d like!
  • Yellow or any color puff paint.
  • Fake Cherries
  • Glue Gun


Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 1

First you spray paint your styrofoam circles in your desired colors with your spray paint. You want to make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated area. Make sure you where gloves and protective eye gear as well. I even wear a face mask when I spray paint and I always do it outside. I did a few layers of paint to get them to my desired colors. You then let them dry completely over night.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 3

Next you start to build your cakes. You take your white caulk and put it into your caulking gun. You then squeeze the caulking into your disposable cake decorating pipping bags which have your desired pipping tips inside of them.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 2 Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 4

You can look up any cake decorating videos on YouTube to figure out what technique you’d like to do on your cakes. Squeeze all the white caulking into your pipping bags until it’s empty. Do this into two different pipping bags with pipping tips. You probably want to make sure you’re wearing some plastic gloves when you do this so you don’t get caulking all over your hands.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 5

You then begin to pipe the white caulk onto your colored styrofoam discs as if you were decorating and layering a cake. You place some caulk around the middle of each layer of foam cake to stick each piece together. You then place each layer on top of each layer of caulking. You can make your cakes as many layers as you want. I chose to do one 2 layer and one 3 layer cake. Once you have your cakes layered, you can then pipe on the white caulk onto the top of the cake and decorate it to look like a cake.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 6

I made little dollops of caulk around the tops of my cake. I also put some at the bottom of my cake. Be careful that you don’t put the caulking too low on the bottom so it doesn’t get stuck to  the surface your caulking on.

Cute DIY faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 9

Once you’re done with all your pipping, You can also then use colored puff paint to write out phrases like Pingame or anything you’d like to write like “Happy Birthday”, etc.

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 7

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 8

Let all the caulking and puff paint dry completely and you’re done with that cake. For the two layer pink cake, you can glue a little fake cherry to the center instead of writing out wording on the cake. That will complete that cake!

Cute DIY Pho-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers Step 10

You can then start to add your pins to your cakes!

Cute faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

Cute DIY Faux-Cake Pin Organizers

How cute are these pin decorated cakes folks?! Too cute!

Cute DIY Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

Rainbow Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

You can display them on some cake stands or just put them on your shelves, dressers, or vanities.

Rainbow Faux-Cake Flair Organizers

Where ever you’d like to display your pins, these will look adorable showing them off! I’m probably going to make a bunch of these #Pingame Organizing Cakes so I can put them around my office and bedroom, so I can show off my pin collection to everyone who visits me! I love how they came out!

DIY Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

Look how cute the Wildflower + Co pins look on this cake!

Easy DIY Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

Look at this faux pink cake twirl!

And look how cute the ilootpaperie pins look!

Rainbow Faux-Cake #Pingame Organizers

And look how the 3 layer faux rainbow cake looks as I spin it! Love it!

If you’re looking for a fun way to display your pins, you definitely need to make one of these fun faux-cakes!

Faux-Cake Flair aka #Pingame Organizers

If you’re looking to add some amazing pins to your collection, the amazing folks at Wildflower + Co would love to give one of my fabulous readers a set of 9 YES NINE of their amazing new line of gold lined enamel pins! They are like the cutest pins ever! I’m obsessed with the pink poodle!

One winner will win one of each pin you see below! Aren’t they AMAZING!


You’ll get a 9 Pin #Pingame Prize Pack of Wildflower + Co pins consisting of:

  • 1 Good Vibes Pin
  • 1 Rollerskate Pin
  • 1 Babe Pin
  • 1 Pineapple Pin
  • 1 Pink Poodle Pin
  • 1 Pizza Slice Pin
  • 1 Lips Pin
  • 1 Pastel Diamond Pin
  • 1 Eye Pin

To Enter in the Rafflecopter Form Below for a chance to win these amazing pins!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to come back for your daily entries and to see who won within 48 hours of giveaway end!

******Giveaway open to USA Only. Ages 18 and up Only! SORRY.******

******Prize pack valued at over $79!******

******Pin Prize Pack Prize Will Be fulfilled by Wildflower + Co.******


******Good luck to All who enter! ******

I hope you enjoy these fun Faux-Cake Flair Organizers as much as I do!

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  • " target="_blank">Fiona N

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank You for the chance!!

  • " target="_blank">May

    Hi! This is amazing! I was just wondering where you would put the clasp when you put the pin on the cake? Like what if you want to wear some pins that are on the cake?

    •" target="_blank">Vanessa DElia

      You could make either another tier for the cake in the form a box or a matching cupcake to hold the pin backs and clasps. And the cake is just a holder and cute display of your pins. A way to organize them so you can find and have all your pins in one place. So when you want to where your pins, you know exactly where they are. Hope that helps!