Cute & Easy DIY Pineapple Macarons!


Hey All!

A few months back I hosted a fabulous Pineapple Fiesta for charity and a few people asked how I made those adorable Pineapple macarons I served. Well I’m finally going to share them with you all as they are super easy to make.

All You Need To Make These is:

  • Yellow and Orange Colored Macarons from your local bakery or you could make some yourself.
  • Green Card Stock
  • Black Food Coloring pen


You take your black food coloring pen and make four slanted lines across the macarons.


You do another set of 3 lines in the opposite direction with your black food color pen.


You then place little dots in each of the boxes created with in the lines. You then cut out some leaf tops for the pineapple and then stick them into the top of the macaron.


That’s it you’re done. Serve and enjoy! How cute are they? I love them!


I hope you enjoy these adorable Pineapple Macarons as much as I do!