Cute ZUNY Bookends For The Holidays!



Hey All!

Have you heard of Zuny? Zuny is fabulous brand that makes some fun home decorations. The Zuny team insists the quality of the product with extra passion and extra work-done to present the best to their customers.


They make an adorable collection of Bookends, Paperweights, Mugs (like the one seen above)…


Doorstops, Key Rings, and Wall Mounts. All the products are made to look like adorable animals like this King Penguin bookend.


I received the adorable Elephant Bookend and the amazing Reindeer Bookend (that are so perfect for the holiday season). My family and I are obsessed with elephants so these are beyond perfect to me!


The style is simple but merry with proper size and weight to be able to prop heavy items up. The bookends also support CD separators and can be placed on desks, book shelves and night stands. Their elegant exteriors and practical function will definitely brighten your living spaces.


The elephant comes in a variety of colors like pink and white and smokey blue and white. I got the smokey blue color since I’m in a house of boys, but I so was in love with the pink and white elephant.


The bookends are so well made. The attention to detail that goes into each bookend is incredible. Just look at that adorable tail on the elephant.


Those eyes on the elephant are amazing and those antlers on the reindeer are perfection. Who wouldn’t want to open up a bag and pull one of these adorable bookends out for the holidays? It’s a peek-a-boo raindeer! Cute!


They are very sturdy and do have some weight on them to make them the perfect bookend. They are made out of Synthetic Leather, Polyester Fiber, Iron Pellets.


If you’re looking for a great and unique holiday gift I highly recommend you check out Zuny!

For more information on this fantastic brand visit the Zuny website.

We were solely given these items for review to feature in this guide. All opinions are my own.