Cygnett has you covered for the Iphone 4s Launch!

Hey All!

The iPhone 4S is coming out tomorrow! Are you getting one? I wish I was cause I need a new phone desperately! It’s the biggest pre-order to date for an iphone and there will be a whole herd of people looking for new cases and accessories for their precious new investment. Luckily, Cygnett has you covered! From the newly announced Ripple to the sleek UrbanShield to the highly durable WorkMate Pro, Cyngett’s wide variety of cases compatible for the iPhone 4S will make sure your new phone is scratch free for years to come.

For a list of the Cygnett’s amazing cases that work for the iPhone 4S here is a case compatibility chart so you don’t have to stress out to make sure it fits. Go ahead and download the chart here or check out all the cases at

Cygnett makes some amazing cases and I highly recommend them if you’re getting a new iphone!

Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this feature and all opinions are my own.