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As you all know this past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Disney D23 Convention. I told you about all the amazing Disney Pictures movie releases, but I have to tell you about some of the amazing ABC shows coming out!

I attended the screening of ABC newest show Once Upon a Time from the executive producers/writers of LOST and writers of Disney’s TRON:Legacy.  I loved Tron: Legacy so I was super excited to check out this show!

This show takes the premise of a world “where fairy tales and the modern-day are about to collide!” The show takes place after Prince Charming awakens Snow White and they are married. Mad that her plan to kill Snow White failed, the Evil Queen puts a curse on the fairytale world, freezing all of the characters in a modern time New England town named Storybrooke. The day Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, Emma Swan, was born she was sent away to the modern world before the curse took place.

ABC's Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin predicted that when Emma turns 28 years old she would return to battle for the future of both the fairytale and modern world. The problem is that Emma doesn’t know who she really is and where she is really from. When the son she gave up for adoption 10 years ago shows up at her door unannounced to bring her back to Storybrooke, Emma finds herself getting wrapped up in the mystery of the towns people.

This show has an amazing cast that includes: Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison (House M.D.) as Emma Swan, Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty) as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, and Lana Parrilla (LOST) as Evil Queen/Regina. More characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

If you love the Disney Fairy tales and wonder what might have happened after Happily ever after or if you love the Grimm Brothers’ fairytales then you love Once Upon a Time! Oh and folks even though it’s about fairy tales I wouldn’t recommend small children watch this show!

After the screening D23’s Disney Geek host Jeffrey Epstein conducted a Q&A with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. It was an amazing event and I’m so Happy I attended this amazing preview!

Once Upon a Time previews on Sunday, October 23 at 8:00pm on ABC!

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Also there is another ABC show I can’t wait to see which is Pan Am!

This wasn’t screened at D23, but it’s an ABC show I am counting down the days until it airs!

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci, and is set in the 60’s at the height of the Jet Age! Here is a little about the show:

“Passion, jealousy and espionage… They do it all – and they do it at 30,000 feet. The style of the 1960s, the energy and excitement of the Jet Age and a drama full of sexy entanglements deliciously mesh in this thrilling and highly-original new series.”

In this modern world, air travel represents the height of luxury and Pan Am is the biggest name in the business. The planes are glamorous, the pilots are rock stars and the stewardesses are the most desirable women in the world. Not only are these flyboys and girls young and good looking, but to represent Pan Am they also have to be educated, cultured and refined. They’re trained to handle everything from in-air emergencies to unwanted advances – all without rumpling their pristine uniforms or mussing their hair.

I used to love flying Pan Am way back when so I love seeing it come back in some way or another. And can I say how fabulous their stewardess outfits and bags are. I want the bags so badly!

This amazing show will air Sundays on September 25, 2011 on ABC.

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***Dislcosure: Thank you, Disney, for inviting me to attend the Disney D23 Expo. I was not compensated or paid for this post. All opinions are my my own.***