Hey All!

I really must be the ultimate Disney fan since after just getting out of the hospital a few days ago after having a kidney stone blasted out of my Kidney’s I agreed to go attend some events at the D23 EXPO! Against my families wishes to stay home and stay in bed, which I really should be doing, I made the trip to Anaheim for the Expo.

I first attended a great event for the Disney Archives, Disney Parks and Attractions, and Disney Travel on Thursday in which they showed us all the upcoming amazing rides and vacation spots they have coming in 2012! It started in the “Carousel of Projects,” the spectacular pavilion created to celebrate all the magic on the horizon for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!

Yes Mickey himself was there to welcome us!

And this is what Mickey Looks like when he comes to you to give you a big kiss when your still holding the camera!

It was adorable!

We were also able to preview the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit, boasting 12,000-square-feet of props, costumes and set pieces from Disney’s rich history!

From vintage Mickey Mouse to 1982’s Tron, which just happened to be my favorite exhibit! I’ll have video and more later on this as I’m writing from the great Anabella Hotel’s Business center and don’t have internet access in my room and I need to upload it all! This exhibit would talk and say “you have entered the grid and prepare to play Tron!” I think it was amazing to see!

I also saw the famous Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates of the Caribbean!

 They had props from such amazing films as  Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Hocus Pocus!

It was a jam packed night with so much I have to share with you! I will share more later but I just wanted to give a quick recap of the past two days!

Today I got to see the Disney Legends opening ceremony that brought me to tears since it had all the voices of the most famous Disney Princess voices! The voices of such beloved characters like Jazmine, Ariel, and Belle were there to sing and have the honor of becoming a Disney Legend!

I also saw and met Constatine of American Idol Fame rock out with Mickey and See John Lasseter and the head of Mattel debut a new cars toy and so much more!

I’ll have my full recap Sunday as I have to go rest my bones now as I’m not 100% healthy at the moment and I still have lots to see tomorrow for Day 2!

I’m happy to have not missed these once in a lifetime events regardless of how I feel! My love of Disney Pushes me through or maybe it’s just the Disney Magic?