Hey All!

As I continue telling you about my amazing experience at D23,  I have to tell you about the amazing game I was able to try first hand thanks to the XBOX 360/ XBOX KINECT team! The ladies at the Xbox booth were so fabulous and I loved trying out the game with them!

I was super excited to try “Disneyland Adventures” from Xbox 360 since I know the kids and even the teen in my house will love this game as we are all Huge Disney fans in my home, obviously!

This game is amazing! It’s not out yet but I got to play a demo version at the convention and I have to say I LOVED THIS GAME! If you ever have a kid at home who is screaming that they want to go to Disneyland, like I have many of time, this game is GOD’S gift! It takes you and your kinds into Disneyland in a way you have never seen it before. It lets you travel through Disneyland, interact with characters, go on rides,  go on adventures, fight characters( Like Captain Hook), and more! Like in the pictures below and above you can point or turn your body in the direction you want to go and it moves the character version of you in that direction.

You can find ALL your favorite characters in the park! You can hug them, dance with characters, wave at them and get their autograph! Or get your photo taken with them when you do the motion with your hand as if you were holding up your camera phone! When I told my kids about this they were so jealous they didn’t get to play it themselves!


The details of the park itself are amazing! It all looks exactly as if you were strolling through the park today. Everything is there! The shops, restaurants, stands, everything! Your kid will love picking out their frequent shops that they visit when they do go to the real Disneyland in this game.

Each ride in the park is also an amazing adventure and depending on the ride, each adventure has a different number of “chapters.” We tried The Matterhorn and Peter Pan’s Flight, and you go on a great adventure like the picture seen below you put out your hands to fly and if you keep your body tilted to one side your character does a roll on the screen!


Another great thing they incorparated into the game is FAST PASS! Yes folks not waiting in line here! Which I think is amazing since it lets you jump from land to land in the park by just holding your arms straight up in the air! You can still walk around the park and get to each land or you can utilize the game’s Fast Pass option. It gives you the choice! I would choose Fast Pass all the way!

One major thing I asked about is there are Hidden Mickeys in the video game version of the park and I’m happy to report there are!

I can’t tell you everything about the game as only certain aspects were announced during D23 and I only got to play and see some of what will be coming out November 15! There will be so many great aspects to this game that I can’t wait to see the final version!

You can also get a taste of what’s to come in this amazing game that will be out just in time for the Holidays in the trailer below:

My family and I can’t wait for this game to come out! And I highly recommend you get it before it’s sold out when it does come out!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I am hoping to receive a review copy of this game and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***