Darby Smart DIY Soy Candles Kit!

I received these products for review. All opinions are my own.


Hey All!

I recently was given the fabulous opportunity to work with a great company called Darby Smart. At Darby Smart, leading designers launch simple DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends.


They turn their projects into kits and they deliver chic DIY supplies and simple instructions to you so you can create your own accessories and decor. Think loads of monogramming, designing your own jewelry just the way you want it and creating candles in your own scents & colors.

I think it’s hilarious that the box said “internet rehab inside.” It’s so true! We all need to unplug and do something creative every once in a while. We’re always so plugged in all the time, it’s easy to forget that.


This month they launched a fun challenge called Glow. I received a candle making starter set with a variety of scents and colors and the challenge is to design a scent and color you love!


This is what was included in my kit:


  • Glass votive candle holders ( The site says it should have come with Ball Mason Jars)
  • Soy wax (1lb)
  • Soy wick
  • Colorant
  • Scented Oils

The candles were very easy to make. You just follow the instructions on the little card included with the box. You melt the soy wax in a microwave safe cup or dish for 4 minutes. Be very careful taking out the dish from the microwave as it will be VERY HOT. You then add your scented oils and colorant. I used a mixture of French Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice.


You then mix the mixture with the wooden stick they provide. You then cut the wick down to size to fit your votive or which ever glass candle jar you have and you pour the wax in. You have to make sure to hold the wick in the center of the candle.

I put the candles in the fridge so they hardened quicker and I made sure the wick was in the center.

That’s it! It was super simple to make and now my home smells of the season with a fabulous Pumpkin Spice flavor. It smells almost like fresh baked pumpkin cupcakes when the candles are lit.

If you’d like more info on Darby Smart visit their Website and get crafty!

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