Dial’s NutriSkin is a Sensitive Skin Life Saver! #DialNutriskin #Cbias #Review

Hey All!

So you all know how I suffer from Rosacea, which is a chronic skin condition that makes your skin to turn red and super sensitive and dry. I have super sensitive skin all over my body. I am constantly on the look out for something great to help my skin, especially when summer is right around the corner and I’m going to need to show more skin. I want to make sure my skin looks it’s best when I break out the shorts and tanks.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked to purchase Dial NutriSkin and to test it out for a week in order to get my skin ready for the summer. I of course was on a mission to get the Sensitive skin version as it’s perfect for my kind of skin.

I went off to my home away from home Walmart to get my Dial NutriSkin! I have to say it was a bit of a hunt to find when we got into Walmart. It’s like they were hiding it from me. We tried a number of Different sections! We found a whole end cap of Dial products including Dial NutriSkin body wash, but sadly no lotion.

We tried aisle after aisle in the personal care and beauty aisles before we found the hand lotions aisle. For some reason that aisle was hidden. I had my teen, my fiance and myself searching for at least 30 minutes for this Aisle.

We searched the shelf and finally found my Dial NutriSkin Lotion for Sensitive skin

They also had a number of other kinds like for men and for extra dry skin.

I rushed my family through getting some groceries and other products as I couldn’t wait to get home to start my week trial for my skin.

I got a large bottle of Sensitive Skin and a small tube of extra dry skin to use on my feet and to carry around to use for the week. I couldn’t wait to get it home and started using it immediately! You can see my entire shopping trip and see everything I got on this shopping trip in my Google Plus Album!

Here is a before and after of my hand from using this lotion for a week. Sorry if my before picture isn’t so clear. My camera sucks. But you can see how pasty and pale my skin is. It’s the kind of skin that is prone to be sensitive.

In the after you can see my skin has a more silkier texture and since it’s getting sunny out here in California, I’m getting a little more color too! I loved the scent of this lotion as it wasn’t strong and it also left my skin feeling soft and not greasy at all. I hate when lotions feel greasy. I was thrilled this one didn’t do that. I’m glad I got the sensitive skin lotion as it felt lighter than the extra dry on my skin. The extra dry lotion was perfect for my feet and legs since that’s where I tend to be super dry. I wore the lotion primarily at night before bed and sometimes put some gloves on or socks on over it to give myself a little hand and foot treatment with the lotion. My skin would feel super soft and fresh when I would wake up in the morning.

I also used it on my legs and arms. I tell you it’s the perfect lotion to combat dry skin and it’s the perfect lotion to get my skin ready for the summer. I find it also think it’s a great lotion to use daily. I highly recommend it! I’m now ready for summer! Can’t you tell?

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