Disney Pixar Brave On Blu-Ray! #Disney #Brave #Review

Hey All!

In case you didn’t know Disney’s Brave is out on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital Download. There’s a ton of extras on the Blu-Ray especially. There’s about two hours of bonus features plus commentary to go along with the amazing film. As you all know I loved this film. Not only is “Brave” beautiful to look at it’s an amazing story as well!

If you don’t know about this  “Brave” about the character Merida, a young princess who is a free spirit. She’s about to be married off and she goes and gets a magical spell from a witch and things don’t go as planned. I won’t ruin the whole movie for you but I will say that it’s yet another amazing Pixar film.

I highly recommend you go out and get this amazing film out now.