Disney Pixar Luca Is Another Heartfelt Classic!

Disney Pixar Luca Poster

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Pixar’s Luca is the 24th animated feature from Pixar Studios; a studio which continues to explore new ways to tell stories while also continuing to elevate their art. The story of Luca is quite literally a “fish out of water” tale. The main character for whom the film is named, Luca, is an underwater sea creature that is a part of race of sea creatures who are just as afraid of us as we are of them.

Disney Pixar Luca Sea Monsters

But unlike like another tale of a creature from “under the sea,” Luca wants more. Luca dreams of the surface world and wonders what it would be like to explore “a whole new world.” Luca is about love and coming of age, but that love is the love between friends and found family.

Disney Pixar Luca Sea Monster Parents

The focus of the film is the bond between friends and the love that is created by finding people you love like family. Luca (Jacob Tremblay best known for his role in the Academy Award Nominated film Room) meets fellow sea creature Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer who is best known for his role in SHAZAM!) and they bond over their love of vespas and how a vespa represents freedom and being able to go anywhere.

Disney Pixar Luca Exploring

Their ambition to obtain a vespa leads them on an adventure to the local Italian village where they meet the third member of their trio, a young human girl named Giulia (Emma Berman in her first major film role).

Disney Pixar Luca Kids

Giulia takes the boys (whom she does not know to be sea creatures) into her home and in the time they spend together, Luca and Alberto learn about astronomy, education, money, and most importantly pasta and gelato.

Disney Pixar Luca Eating Ice Cream

Luca is a feel good film which is soaked with charm, love, and beautiful scenery. Taking place in Italy, having an Italian soundtrack, and little sprinkles of Italianisms through the film make the film almost feel like a lovely tourist trip to Italy.

Disney Pixar Luca Vespa

This story takes place over the summer, has so much swimming, is full of brightness, and takes place in a small Italian village; Luca feels like the perfect summer escape and that vibe elevates the enjoyment of this charming take on love and friendship.

It’s a perfect family movie night film!

Luca is rated PG and has a running time of 95 minutes. Check it out on Disney Plus on Friday June 18th!