Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road! #DisneyOnTheRoad

Hey All,

I know that since I began blogging one conference that I’ve always dreamed of going to was the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Orlando. As huge Disney Lovers and now having our own Disney site Disney Domain, it’s always been our dream to be invited. Our dreams came partly true as we were invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road! It’s the first time they’ve taken the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road and I knew we couldn’t miss it! I contacted my new contributor Amiyrah of 4hatsandfrugal.com so she could attend for me in Long Island as sadly they didn’t come to California. But I knew any event hosted by Disney Social Media Moms is magical and could not be missed so I had to have some one there for me and Amiyrah was great for the job. I tuned in via the online video stream and it was an amazing event from what I saw. Here is what she had to say about the event from first hand experience!

“When Vanessa asked me to go to the Disney On The Road Long Island event as a representative for Queen of Swag, I eagerly accepted. I mean, we all do crazy things for Mickey. Some of us dress as Disney characters for Halloween, some of us give our kids Mickey themed parties for their birthdays every year, but me? I travel from New Jersey to beautiful Long Island to hear some of the best business women in the Tri-State area speak about following your dreams.

As I settled in and listened to Susie Coelho talk about her marriage and divorce from Sonny Bono, her wildly successful consignment store, A Star is Worn, and life as the author of “Everyday Styling,” I knew the rest of the morning would be just as enjoyable and inspiring. Britt Menzies, the creator of the Stinky Kids franchise, gave us the ins and outs of turning a good idea into a real business.

Debi Silber, the Mojo Coach, shared her story of battling stress and illness, while turning that pain into motivation for her clients and herself. There were so many gems shared by these ladies as well as Ms. Mom Talk Radio herself, Maria Bailey. Here are my top 10 lessons learned from Disney on the Road:

1. Susie Coehlo says to use Public Relations to get your thoughts at the forefront. Team up with great companies that believe in your viewpoint and you’ll have a built-in fan base with the means to back you up monetarily.

2. Susie also advised us to keep moving upward. If things are going well with your blog or your business, start thinking about your next venture. Use that momentum to boost your next success.

3. Britt Menzies says to keep an eye on things you do that are hits with friends, family and local businesses. A local shop wanted to buy the rights to a drawing she did of her daughter as a ballerina, and she immediately knew that she had created something worth selling.

4. Never assume no. Britt cold-called Nickelodeon to get her shirts featured on the hit show, Drake and Josh, and it worked! If she had assumed they wouldn’t be interested in her small business, she may not be as successful as she is today.

5. Maria Bailey touched on monetizing by stating if you own a blog, you need to have a product to sell to your readers. Whether it’s an ebook or a craft you make, a product will create an income that can steadily increase over a short time.

6. During the Mompreneur panel, Amy Platt of AlliedParentSouce.com encourages mom entrepreneurs to take advantage of localized relationships. Face-to-face interaction creates a great stepping stone to becoming known at a national level.

7. Looking to have a book published but don’t know what the writing process will entail? Britt from Stinky Kids says “Just Do It!” Don’t over-think; make yourself sit and start writing. Everything else will fall into place once you get started.

8. Maria from Mom Talk Radio says test potential partners by assigning action items for the both of you. Those just wanting a free ride on your coat tails usually won’t complete their task.

9. Lisa Gundersen, owner of Polka Dot Pound Cake, says you’ll never get over fear, so put it on the back burner. If you have a great idea, don’t disrespect your dream with fears of finances.

10. Debi Silber proclaims “beliefs are the repetition of an idea from someone you trust.” Surround yourself with people and partners that can provide positive feedback when it comes to your business to keep your mindset on your goals.

As the conference ended, I felt as if I was in a whirlwind of encouragement. The idea of “women can do it all” had been brought forth in my brain and I was ready. I was determined. And once again I began to dream, thanks to Mickey.

A big thanks to Vanessa for allowing me to represent Queen of Swag at this great event.”