Disney Winnie the Pooh Out On BluRay & DVD 10/25!

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As many of you know I LOVED the new Winnie the Pooh movie that was released in theaters not too long ago! It was the most darling, sweet, and not to mention funny film I have seen in some time. It’s perfect for the whole family really.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it in the theater you’re in luck because on 10/25/2011 you can run out and get this amazing new movie on DVD and BluRay! Or you can get the set of both the BluRay and DVD! My family are huge Pooh Fans, yes Pooh is our favorite character. My teen and nephew both sleep with a Pooh Stuffed animal. Don’t tell anyone I told you! They loved the short that was included as a bonus called the “Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon.” They kept watching that short after they would watch the movie. It was yet another new adorable pooh story.

I was personally happy that the short  “The Ballad of Nessie” which was shown before the film in theaters and is the heartwarming tale of how Nessie aka the Loch Ness monster found her new home in the Loch Ness. Only she’s an adorable character in this short and not a monster. I got a stuffed Nessie at D23 this year and my niece loves that doll. She had no idea who Nessie was but loved thed doll anyway. It wasn’t until she saw the short on this Blu-Ray that she found out and now loves the doll even more. I digress…

“Winnie The Pooh”  is about a very hungry Pooh that is woken up by the narrator and sets out to find some honey for his grumbly tummy. Pooh is always on the look out for some delicious honey.  Christopher Robin goes off to school and leaves Pooh a note saying he will be back soon. Of course Pooh can’t read, so he takes the note to Owl to read it for him. Owl Misinterprets the note from Christopher Robin and convinces Pooh and the gang that Christopher Robin has been taken by a creature named the “Backson” (pronounced Back Soon). Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore then all set out to save him.

Here is a trailer for the movie so you can get a small taste of what the movie is like.

It really is a beautiful movie and that’s the only way I can honestly think to describe it.

I was thrilled to learn that Walt Disney Animation Studios returned to the Hundred Acre Wood with “Winnie the Pooh,” in the first big-screen Pooh adventure from Disney’s feature animation studios in more than 35 years. With the timeless charm, wit and whimsy of the original featurettes, this all-new movie reunites audiences with the philosophical “bear of very little brain” and friends Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo-and last, but certainly not least, Eeyore, who has lost his tail.

It’s directed by Stephen Anderson (Meet The Robinsons, The Emperor’s New Groove) and Don Hall
(The Princess and the Frog, Meet The Robinsons), the film was supported by a variety of industry and highly-creative Disney veterans including Producers Peter Del Vecho (The Princess and the Frog, Chicken Little) and Clark Spencer (Bolt, Meet The Robinsons), Executive Producer and two-time Academy Award®-winning director John Lasseter (Toy Story franchise, WALL●E, Bolt) and senior story artist Burny Mattinson (Academy Award®-nominee for Best Animated Short Film, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, 1983 and key animator on the 1974 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!).

The Blu-ray ™Bonus Features include:

·       Exclusive bonus short “Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon” – In this charming short, Pooh comes up with a daring plan to get a hold of some honey by fooling a group of bees.

·       “The Ballad of Nessie” – The animated short film included in the theatrical release is the heartwarming tale of how Nessie found her new home in the Loch Ness.

·       “Winnie the Pooh and His Story Too” – A fun and informative behind-the-scenes look at the film, designed for the whole family. Hosted by John Cleese (narrator of the film), and with occasional help fromPooh himself, this featurette explores Winnie the Pooh’s history from his beginnings as a character in a book, to his continued life in the movies. The filmmakers reveal how they worked to keep the look of the characters and settings in this movie consistent with their first appearances on-screen in1966. Pooh, being a bear of very little mind, finds much of this confusing, but the Narrator and the filmmakers make it all clear to Pooh – and you!

·       Deleted Scenes introduced by directors, Stephen Anderson and Don Hall – 5 deleted scenes including “The Tummy Song,” “”Rabbit’s Friends and Relations,” “Original Eeyore Intro,” “Original Tigger Intro” and “Pooh Searches for a Tail”

·       Sing-Along with the Movie – Follow the red balloon and changing word colors to seven song lyrics featured in the film.

·       Disney Song Selection – “Winnie the Pooh Theme Song,” “The Tummy Song, “A Very Important Thing To Do,” “The Backson Song,” “It’s Gonna Be Great,” “Everything is Honey” and “The Winner Song Finale”

The DVD Bonus Features include:

·       “Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon”

·       “The Ballad of Nessie”

·       Deleted scenes introduced by directors, Stephen Anderson and Don Hall – 3 deleted scenes including “The Tummy Song,” “”Rabbit’s Friends and Relations” and “Pooh Searches for a Tail”

Movie Download Bonus Features:

·       “Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon”

·       “The Ballad of Nessie”

·       Deleted Scenes introduced directors. Stephen Anderson and Don Hall – 3 deleted scenes including “The Tummy Song,” “Rabbit’s Friends and Relations” and “Pooh Searches for a Tail”

I honestly loved this film and my family loved it as well. We saw it 3 times in the theater I kid you not! All the special features that come with the BluRay are amazing and I’m so happy I get to share this film with my family for years to come since I have it on BluRay and DVD. I highly recommend you run out and get this film on DVD or BluRay on October. 25th, 2011! You can also now pre-order it on amazon.com.

I promise you will not be disappointed!

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