Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray!


Hey All!

Did you all know 101 Dalmatians was released in theaters on January 25th, 1961 for the world to enjoy? Well tomorrow this fun-filled adventure will finally be released as a Diamond Edition Blu-Ray thanks to Disney! Pongo, Perdita and their super-adorable puppies are in for thrills, hilarious spills and an epic action-packed adventure when they face off with Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most fabulously outrageous villainess.

In case you’ve some how never seen the film, Cruella dognaps all of the Dalmatian puppies in London and their brave animal parents and animal friends launch a daring plan to save all puppies from Cruella’s clutches! Unleash all the excitement and suspense of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, a beloved classic you’ll want to share with your family again and again!


The Cast Included: Rod Taylor (Inglorious Bastards, The Birds) as Pongo, J. Pat O’Malley (The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland) as Jasper and Betty Lou Gerson (The Fly, Cats Don’t Dance) as Cruella de Vil. The film was one of the last film Walt Disney himself produced.


The Blu-Ray has some awesome new bonus features that include:

  • All New Short – The Further Adventures of Thunderbolt
  • Walt Disney Presents “The Best Doggoned Dog in the World” (1961 Version)
  • Lucky Dogs
  • DisneyView
  • Dalmatians 101: Hosted by Cameron Boyce (Disney Channel’s “The Descendants”)
  • Plus a Selection of Classic Bonus Features

You can check out some amazing features by clicking the image below:

Back in December I had the amazing opportunity to preview the special features of this Blu-Ray and sit down with Disney animator Floyd Norman (He helped animate 101 Dalmatians). It was amazing to learn so much from such a Disney legend while checking out this amazing Blu-Ray! Stay tuned for my complete interview with him.

Run out and get your copy now if you’re a fan of the film like me and my family are.


For more info about 101 Dalmatians on Blu-Ray visit their Facebook, website, or visiting www.Disneymoviesanywhere.com!

I was given this Blu-Ray for review and also attended a Disney Media trip. All Opinions are my own.


  • lizventures.com" target="_blank">Liz Mays

    This was one of the first Disney movies I ever saw, so I have a soft spot. I like all these bonus features!

  • blogbydonna.com" target="_blank">Donna

    I didn’t realize 101 Dalmatians was older than me! 🙂 I loved it as a child! I don’t think my son has seen it. Gotta change that.

  • penelopesoasis.com" target="_blank">Penelope

    As a kid, this was EASILY one of my favorite movies ever, and I always loved the beauty of Dalmations…What a great movie! I know my sons would love it too.

  • swa-rai.com" target="_blank">Raijean

    Yay, I can’t wait this is one of my favorite movies of all times!

  • " target="_blank">Kait

    This is one of my favorite. Lives!! I need to scoop this up for our collection.

  • tishaberg.com" target="_blank">Tisha @ Tisha Berg INK

    How cool! This is one of my kids’ favorite movies. We read the book countless times when they were really little and they always acted like they couldn’t wait to find out what happened, lol! They’ve seen the live-action version of the movie several times, but the animated film will always be their first pick.

  • It has been so long since I’ve seen 101 Dalmatians and I still remember how much I love it. I can’t wait to refresh my memory while sharing it with my kids for the first time!