Disney’s John Carter is Great Fun on The Screen! #Disney #Movie #Review!

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As you all know I had the amazing opportunity to attend the John Carter Movie premiere and see this amazing film. I finally get to share my thoughts on this surprisingly incredible film with you. I will confess  didn’t know much about the film other than Star Wars was some what based off of the original author Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter sci-fi/adventure stories that were written literally 100 years ago. I was very anxious to see this film and my family is too, but I couldn’t unfortunately take them with me to the premiere. We’ll be seeing it again this Friday!

The film that was directed by Andrew Stanton, the writer/director of many amazing Disney Pixar films like Wall-E, has done the amazing task of bringing John Carter to life on the big screen. He does it in a way that will make you want to run out and start reading the books so that you can learn more about this visually stunning world that he’s adapted from the books onto the big screen.

If you no nothing of the film, because sad to say the trailers tell you NOTHING about the story of John Carter, the main character is actually named John Carter, and he is transported to the planet Mars via a medallion he finds in a cave while searching for gold. While he’s on Mars his body becomes capable of super hero like abilities, which give him the power to Jump incredibly high and he also has a great strength. He aligns himself with an alien race called the Tharks, which hysterically call him VIRGINIA, since he tries to tell them his name is John Carter and he’s from Virginia, but all they understand is Virginia. He joins up with a beautiful Princess of Mars to fight a rebellion to save the planet from being destroyed by a king of mars with a god like weapon.

I won’t tell you the whole story, you’ll just have to see it for yourself, but I will say this John Carter was a visually stunning, at times laugh out loud funny, action packed, they bring sexy back with the cast, and your kids will love Woola and the amazing characters of this fantastical world! I hope people go out to see it this weekend since it would be amazing to see a sequel. Films like Star Wars and Avatar owe their sucess to John Carter and if you love those films just as much as me and my family do, then you and your family will love John Carter too!

Check out this clip of Woola again since I love Woola so much!

John Carter is Rated: PG-13

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JOHN CARTER arrives in theatres everywhere THIS FRIDAY March 9th!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I attended the premiere free screening of it and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***