DIY Blue Velvet Shark Week Cupcakes!


Hey All!

Since the final day of Shark Week is tomorrow I figured we’d go out with a blast! I decided to make some DIY  Blue Velvet Shark Week Cupcakes for the occasion. I chose to take the easy route while making my Shark Week cupcakes by simply hacking my easy to make Betty Crocker cake mix.


All you need to make these cupcakes are some Betty Crocker Moist Cake Mix in the Party Rainbow Chip flavor (Or any white cake or funfetti mix), Vanilla Frosting, Blue Food Coloring, Hershey’s Naturally Sweetened Cocoa, Wilton Blue Color Mist Food Coloring Spray…


Some shark themed Cupcake wrappers, fins, and blue gummie sharks. All the decorations and ingredients can be found on Amazon and your local grocery store.

First you make your cupcakes by following the cake mix instructions mainly. You then simply add one teaspoon of Hershey’s Cocoa to the mix and 4-5 drops of the blue food coloring. This gives it the Blue Velvet. Bake according to the box directions. Remove the cupcakes from the pan and let them cool for at least 20-30 minutes on a cooling rack.

You then proceed to frost your cupcakes. I used a piping tip, but you can spread your frosting how ever you’d like. Just make sure you’re creating a little peak at the top so it looks like a little wave for your sharks.


I then spray the frosting with the Wilton Blue Color Mist Food Coloring Spray so the frosting looks like water.


I left some white as moving waves do look white.


I then put the shark cupcake wrapper around the cupcake carefully and then stuck in a shark fin.


I did a mix of cupcakes with the shark fin and the shark gummie.

It’s really your preference how many of each you’d like.


Heck you could even do both if you wanted to. You can Double the Shark fun on your cupcake!


That’s it you’re done and you’re left with some delish yet festive shark themed cupcakes for Shark Week!



I hope you’ve enjoyed Shark Week as much as I have!

What shark themed food would you make to celebrate Shark Week?