DIY Candy Bar Balloons On This Wedding Wednesday!


Hey All!

Did you enjoy my DIY Candy Bar Idea? If you did, you were probably wondering how I made the background balloons and rainbow backdrop right? Well you’re in luck because today I’ll be sharing how I made them with the main products being found at Party City!

You start out by picking a wall in your home or which ever space you’re using to place & create the backdrop on. The you get some rainbow streamers from Party City and start cutting them into strips that would cover that area of wall.


You then take tape and start sticking the rainbow strips to each section of the wall.


You continue sticking the strips to the wall until the whole wall is covered as much as you’d like. You then move on to making your balloons.

You get two 18 inch foil red heart balloons and one 18 inch foil gold heart balloon. You have them inflated at Party City then you take some gold glitter tape and start to cut strips to make the wording you’d like it to say.


I chose for each balloon to spell out “LOVE IS SWEET” since it’s for our wedding candy bar, but you can have the balloons say anything you’d like.


They don’t have to be perfect as this is DIY and you’re making them personal for you. I started with the “LOVE”, made the “IS” second…


And then finished with the “SWEET”. The word sweet was the hardest to do as it had the most letters, but honestly it all took about 30 minutes to do. For only the cost of some balloons with getting them inflated and some streamers and tape you can have yourself a really cute and easy to make backdrop for your candy bar or even your parties and holidays.


It’s so easy to make great projects for your wedding when you have a shop like Party City that pretty much has everything you’ll need. Stay tuned for our post wedding post, where I’ll share pics from my wedding showcasing Party City in action at our Muppet/Star Wars Wedding.

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I am proud to be Partnering with Party City to bring you these fabulous wedding ideas and they are helping to bring my spectacular wedding to life. We heart Party City!

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