DIY Cascarones Confetti Easter Eggs!

Hey All!

I know I dropped the ball on Easter this year, but I promise to make it up next year. With the baby and everything that went on, it was totally cray cray. I barely had any time to get any of our Easter content on the site. I wanted to at least post a few that I had ready to post that are great last minute easter projects. These DIY Cascarones Confetti Easter Eggs are super easy and a perfect last minute Easter DIY to make with your family.

Who doesn’t love colorful Easter eggs with confetti inside? I know I do! These are huge in Mexican culture and my hubby is part Mexican, so I wanted to make something to celebrate his culture for the holiday.

Here is how to make it!

  • Eggs.
  • Easter Egg Dye Kit.
  • Confetti
  • Tissue Paper that matches the color of your dyes.
  • Non-Toxic School Glue.

First you save up some empty egg shells after eating eggs for a few weeks. Try to only crack the bottom of your eggs so the body of the egg remains in tact.

Dye your eggs with your Easter egg dye kit.

Let the eggs dry!

Once the eggs are dry, fill them with confetti and then cut pieces of tissue paper large enough to cover the hole at the bottom of the egg. I cut about two pieces of tissue paper per egg.

Brush some school craft glue onto the edges of the tissue paper and glue it to the bottom of the egg. Brush a tiny bit of glue all over the tissue paper as well.

Place the eggs with the tissue paper side up back in the egg carton and let the tissue paper dry and harden completely.

Once they are dry you are ready to have some confetti fun!

How fun and simple is that? Love them! You’ll have a blast cracking open these eggs and tossing the confetti for Easter.

I hope you love these fun confetti filled Easter eggs as much as I do!

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