DIY Chill Pill Halloween Pumpkins!

Hey All!

Today we’re hitting you with a pumpkin idea I was obsessing over all weekend and could not wait to share! Check out these super cute DIY Chill Pill Halloween Pumpkins! We all need to take a chill pill sometimes, so why not make it a giant pumpkin chill pill! How cute is this pumpkin folks. I’m obsessed with it and it’s soooooo easy to make. Probably one of the easiest pumpkins I’ve ever made. It will surely showcase just how chill you are this Halloween.

Who doesn’t love a cute pink chill pill? I know I do! Hence why I made a pumpkin out of it. One of the best pumpkins ever!

Here is how to make it!

  • You’ll need this pumpkin, which I got at Target!
  • Pink and white paint.
  • Painters tape.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Black Stick-On Vinyl.
  • Cricut Cutting Machine.
  • Or if you find black stick-on letters, those will work too!

First you’ll paint your pumpkin entirely white and let it dry completely.

You’ll then measure out the pumpkin into two halves and wrap your painters tape around the mark when the center of the two halves is. The tape will keep the pink paint from entering the area of the pumpkin painted white. You paint the bottom half of the pumpkin pink. I did 2-3 layers of paint to get it the exact pink I wanted it to be. Let the pink dry completely and then carefully pull the tape off the center of the pumpkin.

Next you’ll cut out the words “CHILL PILL” and “20mg” from the black stick-on vinyl using your Cricut Cutting machine. You can do that or use black sticker letters and numbers if you find them. Or you can cut them out by hand from your stick-on vinyl with a scissors. Either way works!

Stick on the words chill pill to the white part of the pumpkin in the center of the pumpkin.

Place the 20mg at the bottom of the pink side of the pumpkin.

Make sure the stickers are secure and that’s it! You’re done!

You made yourself one super cute Chill Pill pumpkin for Halloween!

How cute is this pumpkin folks? Too cute!

I love that it’s a little reminder for me to chill out during this crazy busy month.

I hope you love this Chill Pill Halloween Pumpkin just as much as I do! I’m sure it will be a big hit with your Halloween guests when they see it!

Remember to chill out for the holidays ahead!

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