DIY Crazy Stacked Donuts!

DIY Crazy Donuts Trio

Hey All!

Have you heard of crazy donuts? They are like the crazy stacked up milkshakes that are every where these days, but they are the donut version. These insane donuts are stacked with everything under the sun. They are the ultimate sugar rush! They started in Australia and are now all over the USA. I sadly haven’t found a place here in Los Angeles that makes them yet, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having a crazy donut. I decided to make some of my own and I thought I would share them with everyone, so you too can have yourself a crazy donut as well! That is if you don’t live near a place that makes them. I had a bunch of donuts left over from National Donut Day and I decided to use them to make some crazy donuts. I simply haven’t had time to share my crazy creations until now, since I’ve been back to back colds and have been non-stop traveling. I’m happy to finally get to share them with you today!

DIY Crazy Donuts PLAIN


DIY Mean Girl Crazy Donut

First, I made what I call “The Mean Girl”! I love the movie, so having some themed candy for the film that I can put into a crazy donut seemed like the perfect fit for a themed crazy donut. The Mean Girl consists of 3 strawberry frosted donuts stacked with a variety of pink cake frostings, and chunks of Dylan’s Candy Bar Mean Girls themed chocolate bars in between the layers donut.

diy Mean Girl Candy 2

How amazing are these mean girls chocolate bars and jelly beans?!! I love them!

diy Mean Girl Candy 1

It’s topped with Mean Girls Jelly Beans, pink and white sprinkles, pink chocolate discs, candy swirl lollipops, and pink frosted animal cookies. It also has this cute free printable pink heart topper, that I made just for this crazy donut!

DIY Mean Girl Donut

You can download the “On Pink Heart Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Topper HERE! You simply cut it out and stick it onto a wooden skewer with either glue dots or double sided tape.

DIY Mean Girl Crazy Donuts

It’s the perfect topper for a mean girls pink crazy donut.

DIY Mean Girl Crazy Donut Top

It’s a little piece of pink heaven!

DIY- Mean Girl Crazy Donut


DIY Crazy Birthday Cake Donuts

Next was what I call “The Birthday Cake”! It has stacks of white frosted donuts, Dylan’s Candy Bar Happy Birthday Chocolate bars, and White Cake frosting.

DIY Crazy Birthday Cake Donut

It’s topped with Dylan’s Candy Bar White Chocolate Pretzel Balls, a rainbow swirl pop, rainbow sprinkles, white frosted animal cookies, rainbow candy rope on a skewer, and colorful candles.

DIY Birthday Cake Donut Crazy

DIY Birthday Cake Donut

DIY Crazy Stacked Birthday Cake Donuts

It could be a perfect alternative to a traditional birthday cake.

DIY Birthday Cake Crazy Donut


DIY Unicorn Donuts

The third crazy donut is so inspired by Lisa Frank. I call it “The Unicorn” crazy donut. It’s overflowing with colorful goodness!

DIY Unicorn Donut

It has layers of glazed donuts, cotton candy, various colored cake frosting, and melted colorful Wilton candy melts.

DIY Unicorn Donuts Stack

It’s topped with rainbow swirl lollipops, cotton candy, unicorn poop sprinkles, unicorn poop marshmallows, and unicorn kibble sprinkles!

DIY Unicorn Crazy Donuts

It’s a rainbow unicorn dream on a plate!


DIY Crazy S'mores Donuts

And last but not least is “The Mega S’more! It’s got layers of chocolate frosted donuts, chocolate fudge brownies, and marshmallows.

DIY Crazy S'mores Donut Stack

The marshmallows in the layers are roasted with Crème brulée torch. You then top it off with melted milk chocolate and small marshmallows and marshmallow bits.

DIY Crazy S'mores Donut Sprinkles

You of course need some Sweetapolita Rainbow Sprinkles to top it all off.

DIY Crazy S'mores Donut

All S’mores need sprinkles in my opinion and you’ll never have another S’more quite like this!

DIY Crazy Donuts Set

Those are my 4 different kinds of crazy donuts. You can essentially make crazy donuts with stacks of donuts any way you’d like. You literally can’t mess these up with how ever you decide to make them. They are a bit crazy to eat, but they wouldn’t be crazy donuts if they weren’t. These are actually quite tame compared to the crazy donuts I’ve seen pictures of.

I hope you enjoy making your own Crazy Donuts as much as I do!

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