DIY Disney Inspired Halloween Boo To You Puzzle!

Looking for a fun puzzle to put together on Halloween? Make your own! Check out this DIY Disney Inspired Halloween Boo To You Puzzle!

Hey All!

For our final Halloween DIY of the season, we wanted to close out our puzzle series of DIY’s with this DIY Disney Inspired Halloween Boo To You Puzzle! I love making puzzles and I love that you can put anything you’d like on these puzzles. I chose to of course put this fun Spooky Disney and Baby Yoda Halloween design on to my puzzle.

As I said in my previous puzzle posts, these are so easy to make and so much for for the whole family.

See how I made it below:

First you print out this Free Boo To You Puzzle Printable onto the Printable Heat Fabric Transfers for DIY Projects For Light Fabrics. I use this iron on brand instead of the one that comes with the kit. It works better! The image is already flipped for you, so it will be facing the correct way when you iron it.

Looks like you see above. You then cut off any excess. Next you heat your iron to the highest setting. Turn off the steam. You don’t want to use steam on this.

Place puzzle on a flat surface and the image onto the puzzle board. Iron for about 3-4 minutes. Don’t use an ironing board. It has to be a flat surface.

Remove from the heated flat surface area and be careful not to that surface as it will be very hot and you can burn yourself.

Let the whole thing cool for 3 minutes and then carefully and slowly peel the sheet off of the puzzle pieces. You have to do this slowly so the puzzle surface won’t peel off with it.

Pull the pieces of your puzzle apart and you’re done! You made yourself a Fun DIY Disney Inspired Halloween Boo To You Puzzle! We have loved doing puzzles through this whole quarantine! I hope you’ll enjoy doing this one too!

Why not make some puzzles that have what ever you want on them? They don’t break the bank and are quick and easy to make. I can’t wait to make some of these for the Holidays!

Have a Happy Halloween with your puzzles folks!

Remember if you make this and share it on social media, please tag me @BriteandBubbly everywhere! I would love to see how yours came out and share it!

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