DIY Donut Easter Eggs & Free Printable Donut Egg Stands & Gift Tags!


Hey All!

Today’s Easter Egg DIY is brought to you in collaboration with my fabulous friend Natasha from Violet Tinder! She does absolutely amazing work that is super Brite & Bubbly. Have you seen her amazing Etsy Shop? We’re a match made in heaven! I mean look at this D is For Donut Print…


AMAZING I know! She hand paints everything just FYI. In honor of our mutual love of donuts and Brite & Bubbly colors we decided to bring some donuts into our Easter fun. We collaborated and created some amazing DIY Donut Easter Eggs & FREE Printable Donut Easter Egg Stands and Donut Easter Basket Gift Tags! They are amazing!


To go along with these Donut Themed Easter Printable Goodies I decided to make some Donut Themed Easter Eggs to Match them. We’ve been working on this for such a long time. I’m so excited to finally share it with you all!

To Make These Easter Eggs and FREE Printable Easter Egg Stands and Easter Basket Gift Tags You’ll Need:

  • 1 Dozen Eggs or However many eggs you’d like to make.
  • 2-3 paint brushes.
  • Puff Paint in assorted colors for your Donut Sprinkles.
  • Egg Stands or Washi Tape Rolls to hold up your eggs as you paint.
  • Pink, Peach or Beige, and Black Acrylic Paint
  • White Card Stock to Print Out Your Free Printables
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter

First thing you have to do is hard boil your eggs for 8-10 minutes. Then when they are finished boiling you let them cool in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes.


While those eggs are cooling print out your FREE Printable Easter Egg Stands and Easter Basket Gift Tags! You can download them by clicking on both images below and then print them out.



Once you’ve printed them out you can use a paper cutter and some scissors to cut them neatly out.


I prefer to use a paper cutter as it cuts the strips for the egg stands neatly. You print out and cut out as many gift tags and egg stands as you need. You use your scissors to cut either on those black lines or you can cut in closer on the stand strip depending on the size of your eggs.


After you’ve cut out your Egg Stands and Gift Tags you move on to painting your Donut Easter Eggs. First you paint them your peach or beige color for the base. You let that dry for about 20 minutes, Then you take your black and pink paint and paint a circle rim around the top of your egg.


You make the donut shape around the top of the egg essentially. You then paint down the egg so it looks like the glaze of the donut spilling down the sides of the eggs. You let that layer dry for about 20 minutes as well.


You then you take your puff paints and draw you small lines on the pink and black painted areas so they look like sprinkles. You let that dry for about 20 minutes or even an hour to be perfectly safe and then you’re ready to place your Donut eggs on their Donut egg stands.


Or you can tie your Donut Gift Tag to an Easter Basket and…   


You can fill the basket with your Donut Eggs!


How cute does it look all put together in an Easter Basket?! ADORABLE!


The Donut Eggs also look terrific by themselves on top of the Donut Egg stands.


I mean how cute are these Donut egg stands right?


They are the perfect Easter dedication to our favorite tasty treat.


The egg stands look great with both the black aka chocolate Donut eggs…


And they look amazing with the pink aka strawberry Donut eggs.


I took a million and two pictures of these eggs so you’ll have to forgive me as I love them!


You could also of course hand these eggs out with some donuts for Easter!


Double the fun in my opinion to get a tasty Donut and a Donut Egg together.


Who wouldn’t want this combo?! I know I would!


They are a simple yet adorable way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year.


I hope you enjoy these amazing Donut Easter Eggs,  FREE Printable Easter Egg Stands, and Easter Basket Gift Tags as much as we do!


Thanks so much to Natasha of Violet Tinder for the fun Collaboration! I hope this is just the first of many amazing collaborations to come! It’s going to be a tasty treats Easter for sure with these Donut themed Easter Goodies.

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Be sure to check out all of Natasha’s fabulous designs at and on her Etsy Shop Here!

Stay tuned for more Easter fun coming your way!

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