DIY Donut Nail Art!


Hey All!

For my first ever Donut and Confetti Monday post I wanted to share the Donut Nail Art I decided to do on my nails this weekend. I of course had to do this since I must showcase my donut obsession even on my nails.

I was inspired by my Kate Spade and Darcel Sweater I got for Christmas.


I got myself some Nail Art Pens like these on Amazon and some beige nail polish for a base coat.


You first paint your nails the beige color. Let it dry so you don’t mess up your base polish. You could also use white if you wanted. You then take the color you want to be your round donut and make a circle with an opening in the middle. It’s essentially the shape of a donut. You do this on each finger.


It is much harder to do on your right hand if you are right handed. It’s fun to draw on your nails. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


You let the donut shape dry for a few minutes then you start adding your donut sprinkles. When you’re done they will look like this or probably better than I did. I think they still look cute regardless. It’s my first time doing any nail art myself on my nails and I think it was a good first try.


You then apply a clear top coat and then take some q-tips and nail polish remover to clean up the edges.

And you’re left with some fun donut inspired nails. I am wearing my sweater non-stop. Don’t judge me! I wash it! I now match my new favorite sweater!

What Would you paint or put on your nails? I’m thinking confetti and glitter for next time.

Tune in Next week for more fun Donut and Confetti Fun!