DIY Easter Bunny Poppers! (Free Printable)


Hey All!

Easter is around the corner and boy have I got a fun Easter DIY for you! It’s DIY Easter Bunny Poppers! How cute are these folks! They are super easy to make and you can fill them with what ever you’d like.

To Make them all you need is:

Toilet Paper Rolls
X-acto Knife
Glue dots
Double sided Tape
Pink Crepe paper
Pink Pom Pom
Candy, peeps or what ever you’d like to fill your poppers with



Our adorable FREE Bunny Printable brought to you with the help of the fabulous Jess over at From Rain to Shine!

Just click here on on the image below to download the printable.


To make this fun Easter craft you first wrap you toilet paper role with the pink crepe paper. You can use any color you’d like of course. I secured the paper on the the roll with double sided tape and glue dots.

You then wrap some ribbon around one end of the popper so the candy you’re going to fill it with doesn’t fall out. I filled mine with Cadbury Eggs since we love those and they are only usually around for Easter!


Once you’ve filled your poppers tie the other side and the push one side into the popper body so that it creates a flat bottom. You then cut out your Easter Bunny printable feet, face, belly, and paws with your scissors and stick them onto your popper with the glue dots. I first glued on the feet at the flat bottom, then the belly, paws, and the face.


Lastly you stick the pink pom pom ball onto the back to make the bunny tail. And that’s it you’re done. You have a self standing Easter Bunny Popper filled with Candy just in time for Easter for a fun surprise!


I love the way these came out!


I think you’re kids or whom ever you’re spending Easter with will love them as well!


I hope you enjoyed these fun Easter DIY Partnerships with From Rain To Shine and The Queen of Swag!


Be sure to Visit Jess over at her amazing blog for more fabulous design and fun!

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