DIY Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bags!

DIY-Surprise-Easter- Carrot-Candy-Favor-Bags

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Looking for a fun way to give some Easter candy treats to your Easter brunch guests or to your family this year? Check out these DIY Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bags as they will do just the trick. It’s another fun collaboration with The Bakers Party Shop. These treat bags are so festive and fun to make. Let’s not forget how easy they are to make. The hardest part in making these is the little Easter Bunny and Egg chocolates you’re going to make to put inside of them. But let me tell you this amount of cuteness is worth the work.


To make these amazing DIY Surprise Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bags you’ll need:

To start these off you first roll up your orange cardstock into a cone shape. At the flap that’s still hanging up from the paper you place at least 3 glue dots on that section so the paper holds it’s cone shape.


You make how ever many you want and the cut off the excess paper at the top of the cone so it has more of a carrot shape and so it will fit in your plastic cone bags.


You then move on to melting your chocolate candy melts in the microwave for about one minute. You take them out and mix them so they get smooth. If they are not completely melted you then melt for another 30-40 seconds in the microwave.


Once your chocolate is melted you can spoon it into you candy molds or you can place the chocolate in pastry bags and fill the molds that way. For the chocolate Easter Eggs you would fill your mold with sprinkles first and then fill your mold with chocolate.


You’ll also add sprinkles to the back of your chocolate Easter Bunnies before they harden.


I put mine in the freezer so they harden quicker. They come out so cute as you can see from these pictures above and below.


Once all your chocolates are done you place them in a bowl and get out all your Easter candy that you’d like to mix with your chocolates to put inside your Easter Carrots.


You then lay out at least 2 sheets of the green tissue paper. You place your candy in the center.


Be careful to not overfill or to be to rough with the tissue paper as it easily rips.


You then bunch up your green tissue paper and tie it with a green zip tie. You then place the green tied up tissue paper bunch inside the orange cone so it looks like a carrot.

Surprise-Easter- Carrot-Candy-Favor-Bag

You then place the carrot filled with yummy goodness inside the plastic cone bags and tie it with some green bakers twine. Boom you have yourself an adorable Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bag!


When you open them up the surprise of the colorful candies that pour out will surely bring a smile to your face or who ever receives these amazing treat bags.  I’m sure the Easter Bunny will love them!

Surprise Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bags

I hope you enjoy these DIY Easter Carrot Candy Favor Bags as much as we do! How cute do they look as table setting card holders for Easter Brunch?! Too cute! Love them!

Thanks so much to The Bakers Party Shop for all these fun Easter collaborations! Be sure to check out their shop and blog for more great Easter ideas! They also have an Etsy shop you can find HERE.


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