DIY Easter Egg Bunting Decoration! (Free Printable)


Hey All!

If you’re looking for a festive yet cute way to decorate your Easter cakes, cupcakes, or Easter morning donuts then look no further than our adorable Easter Egg Bunting DIY! It’s super simple to make and will make anything you put it on look festive!

This fabulous design was thought of with the help of the fabulous Jess of From Raint to Shine! I love working with her as we can always come up with the most adorable things together.

To Make this adorable small bunting Download the Free Printable of the Bunting Here or by clicking on the image below:


Print it out and get out some ribbon, straws, scissors, and glue dots.


You cut out the Easter eggs and place a glue dot to the back. You then stick each egg to the ribbon. You tie the ribbon to the straws and that’s it you’re done. You can stick the straws in some donut towers or you can stick them into some cakes or cupcakes.


Heck you can even hang it across an Easter basket. The possibilities are endless and all will without a doubt look adorable!

I hope you enjoyed this fun Easter DIY Idea!

Stay tuned for more fun Easter DIY Partnerships with From Rain To Shine and The Queen of Swag!


Be sure to Visit Jess over at her amazing blog for more fabulous design and fun!

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