DIY Easter Egg Treat Pouches!

Hey All!

We’re kicking off Easter with these super easy to make and cute DIY Easter Egg Treat Pouches! You can make these in like 5 minutes flat! They are perfect to use as place cards for Easter brunches or as Easter treats for your besties, or for kids to hand out treats to their friends for school. They can be used for anything you’d like to add some Easter egg fun to this holiday. I’m sure who ever gets these treat filled cuties will love them and the thoughtfulness that went into hand making them something for Easter.

Here is how to make them!

Felt, multi-colors
Embroidery Floss, multi-colors
Sewing Needle
Candy, suckers or small chocolate bunnies

First, you draw some large and small egg shapes on the different colors of felt with a marker. You can make these any size you would like. Just make sure to cut as clean as possible.

Cut each egg shape out of the felt. You then draw half egg shapes the same size as the other eggs you drew on the felt, but make the tops jagged like the top of a cracked egg. Cut these out and lay one jagged half egg on top of a whole egg you cut out earlier.

You then thread your needle with a piece of embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.  You’ll lastly begin to sew the top piece to the bottom piece by sewing along the outer edges of the egg. Do not sew the top jagged edge to the back piece (just sew on the piece itself so it looks seemless), as this will be your opening for your candy.

When the eggs are sewn together, you should have a little pouch so you can put a piece of candy in it!

Fill each pouch with candy, chocolate Easter bunnies, or any treats or toys for Easter.

As I mentioned earlier, you could totally slip in a place card with a name on it and use these as place cards for your Easter brunches.

How ever you decide to use these for Easter, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

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