DIY Gold Glitter Brush Stroke Easter Eggs!


Hey All!

I’m keeping the Easter Egg DIY Party train going by sharing today’s Easter Egg idea which is DIY Gold Glitter Brush Stroke Easter Eggs! Yes this is the perfect Easter Egg for those of you like myself who are Easter Egg dyeing challenged. I don’t know what it is but I can never get the Easter Eggs to dye correctly with those store bought egg dye kits. Am I the only one to never in my lifetime have the perfect dyed Easter Egg? I hope not. Don’t get me wrong, They don’t look terrible. They look kind of like I water color painted them. They do look kind of cool but they aren’t one solid color which is what I’m always trying to achieve. I’m a perfectionist so I can’t have things not looking how I imagined! But if you’ve got the same issue when you try to dye your Easter Eggs at home, I’ve found a way to snazzy up those eggs that may not look quite as perfect as you hoped.


To make these Glitter Brush Stroke Easter Eggs You’ll Need:

  • 1 Paas Classic Egg Decorating Kit.
  • A Bottle Gold Paint.
  • A Paint Brush.
  • A Bottle of Gold Glitter.
  • Dry foam brush for brushing away extra glitter.
  • Cardstock or plastic bag to lay on your table to catch the glitter so you don’t get too messy.
  • 1 Dozen eggs or how ever many you’d like to make.

First you hard boil your eggs for 8-10 minutes. You then dye your Easter Eggs with your Paas Classic Egg Decorating Kit. They most likely will come out not perfect which is OK! You let them dry for about an hour and then you start to cover up the imperfections with this awesome process.

First you do some paint strokes with the gold paint onto your eggs.


While the paint is still wet you pour on your gold glitter.


You then turn your Easter Egg on it’s side so the extra glitter not stuck to the paint falls off. You then take your dry foam brush and brush away any extra glitter.


You repeat the process with as many eggs as you have and boom you have some now cool and unique looking Easter Eggs!


They aren’t perfect but they are still pretty and abstract looking to me. Who wants some average regular old colored Easter Eggs anyway? Not me!


I think the gold brush strokes really add a unique and chic feel to the eggs. Glitter does get every where so be warned now.


It’s a fun and simple way to give those not so perfect Easter Eggs a little chic makeover.

I hope you enjoy these Easter Eggs as much as we do!

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