DIY Hocus Pocus 7UP Surprise Cauldron Cupcakes!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 7UP® and Sunkist®. The opinions and text are all mine.

 Hey All!

I put a spell on you! Who’s so ready for Halloween? This girl right here is! Halloween is almost here and we’re planning the tasty treats and drinks we’ll be serving at our annual Halloween party. We headed out to Walmart to purchase all the party supplies, drinks, and ingredients we’d need to make some DIY Hocus Pocus 7UP Surprise Cupcakes!

I got all my Halloween party supplies for less than $40 at Walmart. I love that Walmart offers low prices and I can get everything I need there! I had my blue Walmart reusable tote and was ready to get my Halloween shopping on!

While at Walmart, I picked up some sprinkles, candy eyeballs, cake mix, and some 7UP and Sunkist® Mini Monster cans and 2 liters for our recipe and party. You can pick up these cans and 2 liters in Walmart stores from now until 10/30.

Mini Monster cans are perfect for every Halloween party and have a Snapchat Snap Code to unlock a special Snapchat filter for 1 hour. How fun!

All you have to do is scan the ghost icon on the cans by holding your phone (with Snapchat open) over the ghost icon.

Press the ghost icon on your screen (this does not require a video or picture taken). This process unlocks the Snapchat geo filter. The filter is unlocked for one hour so use it while it lasts!

When I scanned the 7UP can, this is the filter I got that you see below.

How fun is that? You can turn your Snapchat into your own little Halloween photo booth for your Halloween parties with these fun Mini Monster cans.

Don’t forget to use some cute Halloween straws with your cans, which you can easily make yourself.

Just get yourself some orange straws and some pumpkin stickers at Walmart and stick the pumpkins onto each side of the straw back to back.

They’ll go perfectly with your DIY Hocus Pocus 7UP Surprise Cupcakes!

Here is how to make these fun cauldron cupcakes:

  • Mini Cauldrons
  • Green and Red Gel Icing
  • Green Frosting or Icing
  • White Cake Mix
  • Green Cupcake Liners
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Various Halloween Sprinkles (I used Red, Green, Bone Shapes, Spider, Green Pearls, Eye Balls and Stars.)
  • Graham Crackers
  • Black Icing
  • Milk Chocolate Candy Melts
  • 1 Can of 7UP
  • Small Circle Cookie Cutter

Pour one can of 7UP into your White Cake Mix.

Add some green food coloring and some red and green sprinkles.

Don’t put any other ingredients besides the 7UP, sprinkles, and green food coloring. No oil, eggs, or water! We’re not following the box ingredients. Once your mix is smooth and completely mixed together, scoop the mix into some green cupcake liners.

Bake your cupcakes in a cupcake pan for 20-22 minutes at 350 degrees in your oven. Once your cupcakes are baked, let them cool completely.

Once they are cool, take your small circle cookie cutter and cut out a hole in the center of the cupcake. Fill the cupcake with your sprinkles, green pearls, eyes, bones, and spiders. Since we’re making these Hocus Pocus themed, bones and eyes are completely appropriate.

Place the pulled out piece of cake back on to the center of the cupcake over the sprinkles inside.

Frost the cupcake with your green frosting or icing in a swirling motion, so it looks like a witches brew.

Add some of the green and red gel icing to the icing. You can add the gel icing to make it look slimier or leave it with out it like you see below.

Either way is fine! Add your sprinkles all around the icing and you’re done! Well you’re done if you only want to make the cupcakes!

These Hocus Pocus cupcakes need their spell book in my opinion. Simply dunk a graham cracker into melted milk chocolate and place one sprinkle eyeball onto the center right side of the chocolate on the cracker.

Let the chocolate harden and then use your black icing to pipe on the stitching of the book. Let the icing harden and you’re done.

These 7UP cauldron cupcakes are the perfect cupcakes for all your Halloween festivities.

You can eat them in the cauldron or…

Take them out of the cauldron to eat and see the sprinkle surprise inside pour out.

These cupcakes are so fun and they will surely be a hit at all your Halloween parties. Don’t forget to pair them with those fun 7UP and Sunkist® Mini Monster cans that you can get at Walmart!

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Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like 7UP and Sunkist® who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!