DIY Large Holiday Emoji Rice Krispies Treats + A Giveaway!

DIY Large Holiday Emoji Rice Krispies Treats

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This holiday season, I’m thrilled to bring you these fun DIY Large Holiday Emoji Rice Krispies Treats in partnership Rice Krispies. They are also partnering with Toys for Tots and food art innovator Mister Krisp on a campaign called “Treats 4 Toys”. This campaign is making it easy for moms to embrace the spirit of the season by making delicious treats with their families that also make a difference. For every Rice Krispies Treat you make and share an original photo of a Rice Krispies Treat®, which is posted to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account between now and January 1, 2016, that includes the hashtag #treats4toys, Kellogg will donate $10.00 to Toys for Tots (up to $50,000 total), which will be used to help buy toys for children in the U.S. Rice Krispies will help give a little joy to a child in need. How amazing is that? Fabulous! That’s why I’m here today to show you how to make these fun DIY Large Holiday Emoji Rice Krispies Treats, so you can make them and snap some photos of them to help some kids in need this holiday season.

I was lucky enough to have a private video lesson with the one and only Mister Krisp and I now feel like I’m a Rice Krispies treats master. I have always hated making them honestly, since they would never come out right. They would always stick to my hands and it was just always a disaster. I had no idea the secret to molding the perfect Rice Krispies treats was to spray your hands with some non stick cooking spray (like some Pam). Yes folks! That’s the secret! Nothing will stick to your hands when you spray your hands. It’s genius. Thank you Mister Krisp!

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Ingredients

I used this technique and this recipe to make these fun DIY Large Holiday Emoji Rice Krispies Treats. These are holiday tasty treat food art gifts that are about 4-7 inches in length, depending on which one you make. I made some of my favorite emojis and this is what you’ll need to make them.


  • Everything from this recipe minus the Red string licorice and Canned frosting.
  • Red, black, and white icing tubes.
  • Pipping tips.
  • Yellow and Brown food coloring.
  • Wax Paper
  • Non-Stick Cooking Spray
  • Big Pot
  • Metal Spoon
  • Holiday Plastic Wrap (optional)


First you start by mixing up two seperate large amount of Rice Krispies treats using this recipe. I found this recipe makes a decent amount to be able to make at least 4 of these large treats. I used mini marshmallows as Mister Krisp said those are better to use. One batch you’ll mix in 4-5 drops of yellow food coloring. In the other batch of Rice Krispies treats, you’ll add 4-5 drops of the brown food coloring. This will be for your smiley face and poo emoji Rice Krispies treats. You should have an image of the design your trying to make. I got these holiday emoji stickers to put on my Christmas cards and as soon as I got them in the mail, I knew I wanted to make something out of them! This was the perfect opportunity.

DIY Holiday Emojis

You want to make sure the butter melts about 70% and is not melted completely. The same goes for the mini marshmallows. You don’t want them to melt completely before your stir in your Rice Krispies.

Once you have your mixture, you spray your hands with your non-stick cooking spray and place your reference image close to you. I chose to make the holiday poo emoji and some of the smiley face emojis. I know it’s gross to make a poo emoji, but I love it and it’s so dang cute in my opinion. Deal with it! It’s hilarious and adorable.

DIY Holiday Poo Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Step-1

To make the holiday poo emoji Rice Krispies treat, you take some of your brown Rice Krispies mixture and begin molding the three layered body with your hands. I found getting about two hand fulls together, rolling it into a ball, and flattening it out on my wax paper helped me mold it into the shape I wanted. You then mold the round shape into little tiers. Lastly you roll some brown Rice Krispies into the hat base, top, and pom pom.

DIY Holiday Poo Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Step-2

You then reference your holiday poo emoji image and draw on the detail with your red, black, and white icing tubes and pipping tips. Mister Krisp said you should do a back and forth side to side motion when you’re filling in the details. You can print out the image of your emojis for reference.

DIY Holiday Poo Emoji Rice Krispies Treats

For the yellow smiley face emojis, you use your yellow Rice Krispies mix. First you spray your hands once again with the non-stick cooking spray and then you grab about two hand fulls of the yellow Rice Krispies mixture you made.

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Step-1

You first mold a circle and you flatten out the top of the circle. You then roll out the hat base and wrap it around the circle top. You then mold the hat piece and the little circle pom pom shape for the Santa hat. Lastly you draw on your emoji face designs.

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Heart Eyes

I did the heart eyes…

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Cool

Cool Sunglasses…

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Wink

And winking eye emoji faces.

DIY Holiday Rice Krispies Emojis

Those are my all time favorite emoji faces, that I use daily, along with the poo emoji.

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Heart Eyes and Wink

I absolutely love how these came out. Never in a million years would I ever think I could make holiday Rice Krispies treats that look this good! NEVER! Thanks to the amazing Mister Krip for rocking my world. All it took was one tip to change my Rice Krispies game upside down.

DIY Holiday Smilely Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-Sun Glasses

To get these ready for gifting you put them in the freezer for 3 hours in an air tight container so the icing can harden.

DIY Holiday Poo Emoji Rice Krispies Treats-2

You can then wrap them in plastic wrap to gift to your besties or plate them and serve them at your holiday parties.

They are just too cute and the perfect holiday treats!

Also Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® would like to give one of my fabulous readers a Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® Holiday Giveaway Prize Pack consisting of: one (1) box of Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® cereal (16 oz.), one (1) bag of Mini Marshmallows (18 oz.), one (1) Holiday Sprinkles Mix, one (1) Assorted Food Colors, one (1) Holiday Shape Cookie Cutter set, one (1) Spatula set and one (1) set of Mixing Bowls (ARV ea. prize $39.05).

This should make creating your Rice Krispies Holiday Emojis all the more easier so you can share photos of your creations using #Treats4Toys!

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Rice Krispies solely sent us the materials to make our treats and allowed us to host this giveaway as part of our Holiday Gift Guide. No compensation was received for this post. This is simply to help spread the holiday cheer and to support helping kids in need for the holidays. Here is a link to the rules at

Treats for Toys

Visit to find more Rice Krispies Treats recipes and decorating ideas and learn more about how you can help give back this holiday season by sharing a picture of your treats using #Treats4Toys.

I’m making everything I can into Rice Krispies now, so watch out for more holiday Rice Krispies treats ideas right here as well.

This is just one fun DIY idea we’ll be showcasing for the holidays as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide.


Stay tuned for more fun ideas as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide 2015!