DIY Our Holiday Gingerbread House Pin!

Hey all!

Since it’s National Gingerbread House Day, I had the idea to turn our amazingly cute gingerbread house holiday pin into a real life gingerbread house. I am happy to admit that making a gingerbread house stand and come out like you’d like it to come out is VERY HARD. This year, I wanted to make it easier for everyone by showing you to hack those gingerbread house kits you can buy in the store. You can turn one of those kits into this adorable gingerbread house. You can get the matching pin HERE on Pin Club and showcase your gingy love too! You can only get the pin at Pin Club now, as we’re all sold out!

How cute is this pin folks?!! Here they are one on top of the other so you can see the pin vs the real life version. I think I did a good job!

To make this yourself you’ll need:

Sorry, I didn’t have time to take hot-to photos, so I’m going to go in detail on what I did.

First I put my house together following the instruction on the box. Using the white icing the kit came with, I iced the back and side pieces together and let them harden for about 20 minutes. I then added the other side and front piece. I flipped the piece so the blank side was out.  I held these together for about 10 minutes, so they icing would harden and stick all the body of the house pieces together. I let that sit for about 30 minutes to let it all completely harden. I then iced the edges of the front piece and the roof pieces and added them. I held the roof in place for about 15 minutes, so the pieces didn’t slide down. Yes folks, THIS IS TIME CONSUMING, but the final product is SO WORTH IT, I promise. I brushed every piece of gingerbread with edible gold shimmer powder, so it can have the gold shimmer like the pin.

Once the roof was secure, I frosted it with pink frosting. I added the lines with pink icing and then added the large heart sprinkles to look like the pin.

I then cut some pieces from my extra kit to look like a chimney. I wanted to make mine exact, but you don’t have to have a chimney if you don’t want to. I iced the chimney on and made it look like the pin, which had a lot of icing. I then did the white outline of the roof and body of the house with the white icing.

I then shaved down the top of the door piece to make it look more round on top. I stuck it to the front of the house with white icing. That completed all the main parts of the house, so I moved onto details and decorations.

For the face, I put on one large pink heart and large pink round sprinkles with white icing. I then pipped on the face with black icing. I also added the peppermint round candy to the top.

How cute is that face folks?!! It’s too cute to eat! I then iced the door using an almost peppermint stripe pattern with my pink and white icing. I also outlined the pattern with white icing.

The only few changes I had to make were, I added a door nob, because I felt it needed one.

I couldn’t find a pink and white candy cane, so I used a rainbow StarBurst Candy cane. I loved the colors of it.

I also used bright colored rainbow sixlets. I then put sugar cones in the position of where the tress should be and then I used my green icing to pipe some icing onto some sugar cones to create the trees. I added sixlets for the ornaments and a large star sprinkle for the top. To finish it off, I added the shredded coconut to make the snow and put some sixlets and gum drop candies.

That’s it! You’re done! I think it came out pretty good, don’t you think?!

I hope you enjoy making this fun gingerbread house as much as I did!

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