DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs!

DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs

Hey All!

So you all know how much I love making my Easter Eggs simple and easy to make right?! Well, Check out these super cute and easy to make DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs! You don’t even have to paint them to make these awesome and fun Easter Eggs. If you love DIY’s that look like your favorite tasty treats, then this will surely be a fun holiday DIY for you. Who wouldn’t love a tiny little hotdog Easter Egg?! I know I do. I made this in under 15 minutes, which is awesome if you’re like me and wait until the last minute for everything.

All you need to make these fun Easter Eggs is:

DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs Supplies


  • Brown regular felt.
  • Red and Yellow Sticky Back Felt.
  • Non-Toxic School Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Hard Boiled Brown Eggs.


First, you boil your brown eggs for about 8 minutes in case you haven’t boiled them yet.

You then cut strips from the red and yellow sticky back felt that look like ketchup and mustard. You just make some squiggly lines with your scissors as you cut. You also cut some hotdog shapes from your regular brown felt. You pile each one up, so you can make yourself a little assembly line when you’re ready to assemble your eggs.

DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs Step 1

You first glue the hotdog piece to the center of your egg with the non-toxic school glue.

Cute DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs

You then stick on the ketchup and mustard felt onto the brown hotdog piece felt. This will make the egg look like a little hotdog.

Easy DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs

Once you’re done sticking on your felts to the egg and hot dog felt pieces, you’re done! Super simple and easy to make!

DIY Hotdog Easter Eggs Step 2

They are sure to turn heads at your Easter Egg hunts if you make these adorable little hotdog themed Easter Eggs.

They are the perfect last minute Easter egg!

I hope you enjoy these adorable little hotdog eggs as much as I do! P.S. Since the glue is non-toxic school glue and it’s glued to the shell of the egg, you can still technically peel and eat these eggs if you want to. Just an FYI. But they might be too cute to eat. I personally wouldn’t eat them, but to each is own!

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Happy Easter Egg Making Everyone!