DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunglasses!

Hey All!

We’re officially kicking off our ice cream month posts with these adorable DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunglasses aka Sunnies! I’m obsessed with them and I can’t wait to wear them for National Ice Cream Day! I’ve seen so many sunglasses that look like these, but none were ever ice cream themed and they all seemed ridiculously expensive too. I decided to make my own and share this super easy DIY with you all today, so you too can have the perfect Ice Cream Sunnies for Ice Cream Month!

Can you tell I love them?

Here is how to make them!

First you’ll make sure your sunglasses are completely clean.

You’ll then glue on each letter of which ever ice cream phrase you’d like on your glasses. I wanted the wording to look even on my glasses, so I spelled out Ice Cream Queen Bee and glued them on my glasses.

Make sure the letters are secure onto your sunglasses and the glue has hardened. Be careful with the hot glue as you glue these on, as the beads are very small!

You then glue two star beads to the middle of the sunglasses…

And then finally you glue on the ice cream cones to each side of the sunglasses.

Make sure you glue them evenly on each side. You don’t want to have lop sided ice cream sunnies!

And that’s how you make yourself some fabulous sunnies to showcase your ice cream love for ice cream month!

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of ice cream sunnies? I know I do! This ice cream queen bee is ready for some ice cream fun!

You also get a sneak peek at the DIY coming tomorrow in this post!

Yay! Ice Cream Month is here and the count down to National Ice Cream Day has begun!

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