DIY Iridescent Rainbow Marble Ornaments!

Hey All!

I’m back today with a super fun and easy ornament idea that is perfectly rainbow and iridescent. It’s the best of both worlds. Check out these DIY Iridescent Rainbow Marble Ornaments! They almost remind me of a Lava Lamp, as if a Lava Lamp became Christmas ornaments. They are all unique in color and shine with a rainbow iridescent hue when they move in the light. They fit perfectly inside my rainbow Christmas tree this year.

I love how they came out and they literally took me like only 30 minutes to make ALL OF THEM!

Here is how to make these fun and colorful ornaments.

  • Clear Iridescent Ball Ornaments.
  • Pink, Light Green, Light and Dark Purple, Blue, and Magenta Spray Paints.
  • Wet Towel.
  • Plastic Gloves.
  • Thin Ribbon.

You take your iridescent ornament balls and remove the ring caps. Be careful if your ornaments are glass, as the tops of the ornaments may be jagged and sharp under those caps. Save the caps in a pile.

Take your ornaments outside or it a very well ventilated area with your spray paints.

Begin to spray 3 of the colors of spray paint into each ball while moving the ball in a circular motion as you spray.

If any spray paint accidentally falls outside onto the ball, quickly wipe it clean with your wet towel.

Place the balls back into the box they came in facing upright and let them dry for a few minutes. Make as many balls as you’d like for your tree.

Place the caps back on the balls and then begin cutting your thin ribbons.

Tie one piece of ribbon around each ball and hang them on your tree.

You’ve made yourself some fun DIY Iridescent and Rainbow Marble Ornaments! These would also be amazing on a Christmas Wreath or if you made a wreath entirely of these balls. That would be fabulous!

I hope you love this fun and simple ornament idea as much as I do!

Have fun making your rainbow ornaments folks!

I hope you are as obsessed with them as I am! And don’t forget to check out how they look on our Lisa Frank Inspired Rainbow Christmas Tree!

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