DIY Lisa Frank Inspired Halloween Pumpkins!

Hey All!

I know you didn’t think we would let Halloween go by with out some DIY Pumpkins. No Sir! Not on my watch and of course we has to do some Lisa Frank inspired DIY’s this year as well. We have to throw it back to the queen of fun every year. Check out these DIY Lisa Frank Inspired Pumpkins I made. I’m in love with them! I love how the panda and dalmatian came out. They are too much fun! I can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite.

Here is how to make them!

To make the Rainbow Pumpkin you’ll need the following.

  •  A green pumpkin. I got mine last year on sale at Michaels, but if you can’t find a green pumpkin use a white one.
  • Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Green Paint (Only get green if you don’t have a green pumpkin.
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Stick On Felt
  • Scissors

Simply pain strips of each color around the pumpkin. If you have a green pumpkin, you don’t have to paint the strip of green.

If you don’t have a green pumpkin, paint the strip of green and the stump of the pumpkin green as well. Let the pumpkin dry completely and then cut out some jack-o-lantern eyes and a mouth from your black stick on felt. Stick the eyes and mouth onto the pumpkin and you’re done.

That Lisa Frank pumpkin pencil was the inspiration in case you couldn’t tell. It’s the cutest pencil ever and I think we captured it in our pumpkin well enough.

Here’s how to make the leopard print pumpkin:

  • Silhouette Mint Machine and Black Ink or Leopard Print Stamp and Ink
  • Black, Pink, and Blue Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Green Pumpkin or Any Colored Pumpkin you’d like

I made myself a leopard print stamp using my Silhouette Mint Machine. It’s an awesome craft machine that can make a self inking stamp out of everything you’d like. You just upload the image to the Silhouette online design space and it will cut the image into your stamp. You then add a drop of the Silhouette black ink to it and you’re ready to get to stamping.

If you don’t have this machine, you can simply get a leopard print stamp and black ink pad and use that as well.  Stamp your leopard pattern all over the pumpkin. Let the leopard patterns dry completely on your pumpkin. Once it’s dry, use your paint brush to dab pink and blue colors into some of the dots. This gives it that rainbow leopard look. That’s it! You’re done!

  • White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Pumpkin
  • White Craft Paint
  • Scissors
  • Our Free Printable Spot Template to use as a guide to cut spots and ears

Paint your white pumpkin white, as you want it to be the whitest white it can be. Let the pumpkin dry completely. Download and Print out our Free Printable Spot Template. I recommend printing it onto white cardstock as it’s more sturdy. Cut out the template pieces with your scissors.

Use the template pieces as a guide to cut out the spots. Cut out spots to reach all the way around your pumpkin of each color. Glue each colored spot to the pumpkin in a row.

Cut out your ears using your template from the white felt and glut some colored dots in rows on the ears. Glue the ears to the pumpkin and you’re done.

First you assemble one of the mini trucker party hats and paint it in the pink, yellow, green, orange, purple and pink color. Let it dry completely and then stick on a purple pom pom to the top.

You then paint the mini foam pumpkin white and let it dry. Print out the panda bear pieces onto the printable stick on vinyl and cut them out with a scissors.

Stick on the face and eyes to the front of the white pumpkin. Place the ears onto a tooth pick and push them into the sides of the white pumpkin. Push the white foam pumpkin onto the stump of the blue pumpkin. The stump is like the pandas neck.

Stick on the hands and feet and heart and put the hat on top with a small amount of glue.

That’s it! You’re done!

That’s how you make all these adorable Lisa Frank inspired pumpkins. I hope you love them as much as I do!  As a bonus, you can make the paint can for your Panda as well with an empty craft can and the same paint you used on your pumpkins.

How cute are these folks! Love them! Live out your 90’s nostalgia this Halloween!

Stay tuned for more of our 2017 Halloween DIY’s coming at you all week! If you make these pumpkins be sure to tag me @BriteandBubbly and use the hashtag #BUBBLYSQUAD, so I can see how amazing it turned out!

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    Just when I thought there wasn’t a thing on this Earth that hadn’t been Lisa Frank-i-fied! As a ’90s kid, I love, love, love Lisa Frank, and these pumpkins are awesome! It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I’m drawn to the rainbow striped one because it’s a candy-colored twist on the classic jack-o-lantern. Great job!