DIY Marvel Deadpool Chocolates!

DIY Deadpool Chocolates

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Marvel’s Deadpool may be a little too risque for younger kids and if you’re thinking of taking them, I don’t recommend it until their older. You can take them to see Batman vs. Superman instead. It may not be as good, but Deadpool is rated R for a reason! I personally have seen Deadpool like three times already with the hubby because we honestly loved it. It’s probably my most favorite film this year. I loved everything about this film and think it was absolutely perfect. It’s about time Deadpool was finally brought right to the big screen. Since we’re obsessed with all things Deadpool and we love checking out all the latest on the film over on For this reason, I decided to show Deadpool some more love by making him into some tasty chocolates! If you’re looking for some other fun super hero treats to make, check out this fun Batman vs. Superman Party.

To make these fun and simple chocolates you’ll need:

Deadpool Chocolates Supplies


  • Deadpool Themed Silicon Mold
  • Red and Black or Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
  • White Gum Paste or White Fondant
  • Pastry Bags
  • Scissors


First you place your red and black or dark chocolate candy melts into your pastry bags.

Deadpool Chocolates Step 1

You then melt each for about a minute and a half. Make sure all the candy melts are melted inside.

Deadpool Chocolates Step 2

You then roll your white gum past or white fondant into little eyes and fill those parts in the molds.

DIY Marvel Deadpool Chocolates

For the circle chocolate shapes, you cut a small opening on each pastry bag. First you use your red chocolate to cover the outer rims of the mold and down the center. You them place your black or dark chocolate on top of the white fondant and eye area. You then fill the rest with red chocolate.

DIY-Deadpool Chocolates

For the faces you place white gum past or white fondant into the little eye areas and then line them with black or dark chocolate on top of the white fondant and eye area. You then let them harden for a few minutes and then fill the rest of the mold with red chocolate.

Place in the refrigerator to harden. Once they are completely hard, you can pop them out of the mold carefully. You can then fill the rest of the eye area on the round chocolate symbols with black or dark chocolate to complete. Whatever chocolate you have left you can make one of the Deadpool faces with out the mask on in the mold. Don’t let good chocolate go to waste!

Once all the chocolate is completely hardened you can serve and enjoy those fun Deadpool themed Chocolates. They don’t have to be perfect (since mine aren’t) because they are supposed to go in your belly and just be fun. As long as they look close enough is all that matters.

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